Life Wisdom: Be Good To Yourself

When I was growing up (well, I hope I’m still growing), I had a lot of insecurities specifically with my physical features. I still have those self-doubts although I believe I can now manage to be positive about it. I know how difficult it is to be skeptical with your own self. It seems like […]

Musings of a Suzie: BDJ Rendezvous : Bella Mommies

The Muse at the First BDJ Rendezvous – Bella Mommies! Last Saturday, I attended the most fun rendezvous event of BDJ. I may sound biased but I enjoyed it most because the event caters the Bella Mommies like me. Our Bella Sis Jasmine đź’“ The event happened at The Podium which is so far from […]

U.S.A. Trip: Exploring Denver

Personally, going to Denver was the most exciting part of my first trip to U.S.A because I get to see a snow in real life! Upon observing the land beneath us, and while enjoying my cold Coke (as I also listen to Taste the Feeling, repeatedly) on the plane going to Denver, random questions popped […]


My Pantene 3-minute Miracle Experience

I don’t normally use conditioner on my hair.  In fact, I don’t spend as much time in taking care of my hair as I do with the rest of my body.  I will only use conditioners and/or repair damage hair treatment if I have an event to attend. Last November, my partner bought home a […]

Exploring Mind Museum

Hey guys! Want to take your family and friends to a place where you can have fun and learn something at the same time? If you’re a fan of science , then Mind Museum may be just the place for you to visit. Mind Museum is a place not just only for kids or students, […]


BDJ Passion Series: Mix & Match Fashion 2017!

Hi, Bellas! Last week (24th of June, 2017) another successful event of Belle De Jour was held at Conti’s Shaw Blvd. With the participating brands like Philippine Wacoal Corporation and StyleGenie and also with respectful speakers, they enlightened even more, our  “Fashionista” side by giving us some tips and how to create our own capsule wardrobe. Just like any other events, […]

Estee Lauder Haul

It’s been a while guys. ‘Tis the busy season at work so I really can’t find time to post, but just so you know, I am still trying out stuff for something to write. So here it is, my make up haul at Estee Lauder. I bought these goods January 2017 so I got a…

Mid-Year Review: 2017 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Hello Bellas! Viviamo! Inc. has been encouraging, empowering, and equipping modern Filipino women through their products like their 2017 Belle De Jour Power Planner that encourage Filipino women to be the best they can be because they can and they will. Their planner is not only a planner because it is sprinkled with motivating and uplifting words of encouragement […]

Japan: An ideal vacation country

We all know that Japan is a well-developed country, not just the places in this country but its people too. If we will be talking about how well-disciplined they are, all I can say is “HANDS DOWN!”. No trash bins in the streets because you have to carry your trash all through the way your […]

“I Love Milk Tea” Store | Thoughts and Review

Hello Bellas! “I Love Milk Tea” is a popular milk tea shop with many branches in the country. It can be franchised which is why there are many I Love Milk Tea stalls and stores. It offers to serve different flavors or variants of milk tea, fruit tea, frappe, poppin’ yogurt tea and rock salt […]

BDJ Passion Series: Mix & Match Fashion

Belle De Jour Power Planner together with Wacoal PH organized an event last June 24: Mix & Match Fashion at Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City. The event was filled with interesting topics with famed speakers thats why I got interested to attend. Before the talks started Wacoal Beauty Adviser measured our […]