Musings of a Suzie: Unboxing Belle De Jour Power Planner 2018 … The best is yet to come…

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2018 One of the things I get excited for new year is getting my hands on a new planner. Looking forward to what the new year will bring fuels my gears on having the best.   For 5 years now I have been a loyal bella. To  be honest it […]

I Am Positively Better with Jeunesse

Us girls know what monthly period entails – the dreaded dysmenorrhea. And if you are only feeling a slight discomfort, count yourself as one of the lucky few. I have been feeling this tremendous amount of pain since the beginning. This, alongside with nausea and on some tough times, vomiting what little I ate, has […]

Moisturize Face and Skin On-The-Go

  Traveling is an experience. It is an exhilarating and liberating journey that has a lot of little things that we could learn from. One of the things I discovered is the value of travel skin care. Our skin is exposed to different climates by just jumping on and off our chosen mode of transport. […]

BDJ Launch Weekend 2017

My sister and I attended the Belle de Jour Launch Weekend last October 21 and 22 at Shangri-la Mall and it was a really great experience. There were a lot of fun activities, great booths and free loots! After 3 consecutive years of purchasing my Belle De Jour Power Planner, this will be my first […]

Blog Event: BDJ Launch Weekend | Bella Angeles

It’s almost the new year and brands are starting to launch their 2018 planners/journals. You know me, at a young age I fell in love with writing and a journal was a must-have for me. Fast-forward to Bella today and nothing really has changed :) Last October 22, I attended the BDJ Launch Weekend at Shang-rila […]

Food Tripping at Neighborhood Game Cafe

There’s a new favorite hidden hangout in the city where board game lovers can chill out by playing board games while eating their comfort food and enjoying their specialty coffee. This place is good for groups of friends and kids who love playing board games as one of their hobbies. Neighborhood Game Café is good […]


Event Review: BDJ Launch Weekend 2017

  Unlike the previous BDJ (Belle De Jour) Fairs that were normally held at the SM Mall of Asia, this year’s BDJ Fair, which has a new name of BDJ Launch Weekend, had a more intimate set-up and was held at the EDSA Shangri-la Plaza. To be honest, I was thrilled when they changed the […]

BDJ Weekend Launch 2017: Dare to be You

Hi, Bellas! I had a great weekend last October 21- .22, 2017 It was the first ever BDJ weekend launch with the theme “Dare to be You”. Me and my boyfriend, Jerson were so excited. Since we came from Bulacan, we travel and arrive at Shangri La Plaza so early in the morning. And while […]

Glambee Wonders: BDJ Launch Weekend: Dare to be You!

You’ll know the current year is coming to a close when your start to hear Christmas songs, see Christmas decorations set up, and when planners for the next year are launched!  This time, the journal and planner community had an exciting welcome for the upcoming year in the first Belle de Jour Power Planner’s BDJ […]


It’s A Girl Thing

It’s A Girl Thing As a working professional, I sometimes forget my personal schedule and my normal routine was to focused in my day to day schedule at work. Without noticing, it became unhealthy and caused me to be burnout of my usual task. I have forgotten the thought of work-life-balance. Until one of my […]

Outside my comfort zone.

One, if not the best experience I look forward to with every @bdjbuzz event I attend is meeting Bellas that share the same passion for learning new things and taking on new skills as I have. I used to be an introvert and find it hard to open up to others so one of the […]