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Friends are everywhere and I am glad I have a lot.
They are defined not only with their looks but diffrent personalities.
And I hope I get to keep them for as long as forever.

When talking about something specifically great a friend has ever done for me…is quite difficult.

But a cetain someone comes to mind and I would like my friend to know that I really appreciate her efforts.

She constantly teaches me new things to discover, like places to go such as restaurants, coffee shops & museums, things to buy like mason jars, specific brands of make-up, books, etc. We influence each other to engage in diffrent recreational activities like language courses, mountain climbing and jogging at UP. We talk about anything, everything under the sun but with caution and respect to each others opinions and feelings.

One significant thing happened during my birthday. All my friends contributed to give me cake, flowers and a Belle de Jour Planner that day. I was so happy, I never expected to recieve a gift that useful and wanted. It really completed my day!

I’m the type who keeps track of my activities and writes a lot of stuff on my planner like my expenses, receipts, thoughts, birthdays and etc. Only a few people are aware of it and I don’t usually share that. “Someone really knows you” a friend told me when sharing the story of how they came up with the gift. She influenced others for this decision and went out of her way to buy and have it wrapped.

She told me that day, that “A lot of people really love you” to shell out a lot for me considering that it was near Christmas and people are spending a lot for the season. I really appreciate everyones endeavours, but I know deep inside she held a big part on that event.

So this is one my ways to say thank you. I will be here for you in my own little way.


..coz that’s what friends are supposed to do…oh yeah!


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