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Hi, Bellas!

Last week (24th of June, 2017) another successful event of Belle De Jour was held at Conti’s Shaw Blvd. With the participating brands like Philippine Wacoal Corporation and StyleGenie and also with respectful speakers, they enlightened even more, our  “Fashionista” side by giving us some tips and how to create our own capsule wardrobe.

Just like any other events, it all started with a registration. After that, members of Wacoal Team get our vitals and gave us a card with our body measurements for the future purposes.

When we are all settled in the room, they threw us an ice breaker first and luckily I am the chosen one who had a chance to play with other Bella =) I won the game so I received a surprise gift from them, yeeey!! =)


The program starts with warmful greetings from Ms. Abbie Victorino – (a model and the beauty and brains behind StyleGenie! OMG get to know more about her: Who is Ms. A. Victorino?), she discussed how to choose proper clothes according to our body type.



Have you seen your body shape? =) A very much interesting talk because it gives you the urge not to overspend with that “porket uso but not the perfect awra” thinking of some girls =)


It is quite hard to choose outfit ideas if you are not aware of your body built. You should tend to accent your features in a right way. Embrace your shape and learn to love all your imperfections! =)



One of the highlighted parts! Mean it =) yieeee! We still have a few more minutes to consume so they let us take photos at their booth outside,

Moving forward, after we had lunch. The next speaker, Ms. Em Millan (Celebrity Stylist- Get a chance to know more about her: Who is EM Millan?) discussed the “capsule wardrobe”.


She also gave us some tips on how to create our very own basic wardrobe. It is really hard to choose what clothes should be kept or not but you have to know the things that you really love the most,  could use for the following 3 months and can create a variety of outfit ideas with just 33 or fewer items in your closet!

Mix and Match! That is why BDJ Team come up with this great topic because we are more aware now of the latest trends and fashion industry is evolving faster! uhuh??


Who among you wore a perfect outfit of the day but suddenly you’ve noticed that you had a wrong choice of inner wear? I am a victim of that. So to discuss further here’s Ms. Elmie Cadungog of Wacoal Philippines, sharing some do’s and don’t’s in wearing underwear and how to properly take care of it.


My first time in BDJ but definitely not the last! Attending this kind of event makes me feel even more confident about myself. Girls are always “madrama, maarte, puro kakikayan” daw but hey! Being a girl is fun and enjoying your perks as a girl and a member of BDJ family is more pleasurable!


We’ve made it to the very last part and before we go home, they distributed a survey to answer first.


They also gave us these! How generous they are =) thank you! *giggling*


Of course, I have new friends discovered! Achievement unlocked! My first ever picture as a Bella with other Bellas =) Memories that lasts long!

I would like to thank Ms. Aia Austria for inviting me to be part of an enthralling event and Ms. Jasmine Juguilon for answering my queries on email =)

See you on the next event! =)


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