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BDJ PASSION SERIES Zen in Subic, Grand Seas Resort.

Bellas get to experience the very first BDJ Passion Series out of town adventure at Grand Seas Resort in Subic, Zambales.


On our first day of the trip bellas from all around the Metro gathered at the meeting place at the Greenfield District, although its been a rainy day all day, we did not mind the cold weather. We got up on the bus that will take us to Zambales. We had a first stop over for break and some food along the trip. I on the other hand did not buy any food. (my mistake) but some of the bellas pass around food. We had an almost 3 hour trip from Manila to Zambales, I also took some photos and videos of the stunning view of the province along the way.


When we get to inside the resort the storm became strong and even our umbrellas were turned upside up, and I kind of tasted the salty air but nevertheless we arrived safe.


The function hall was big and roomy, we enjoyed the food, drinks and have unlimited coffee. We had a few introduction of some of the bellas on one truth and one lie to get the other bellas know each other, I got up to the mic and said that my family owns the very first Victory Liner Bus liner, majority of the bellas did not believe that we once own a bus unit.


After we had a few drinks and food, we finally was assigned to our rooms, we are 4 roomates in one room, the other bella asked me to switch rooms and I agreed to be at the second floor, thanks to her I had a chance to capture the beautiful sunrise and beach waves at the dawn.


On to the main event it was my first time to do Taichi or Shibachi, I never knew that it was a martial art form, it was very relaxing but at the same time it was tiring because I never do it everyday. Making a mandala was very interesting, you put your heart and soul to it, and also you get to be lost in your painting and lets you focus on thing, how will you finish it.


After a long night of painting the Mandala, some of the bellas went oin a ladies night out, some of us call it a night.


On our second day, the sun rose and we get to enjoy breakfast by the beach front, we also went swimming and get a tan, now we get to the what is on the suggested activities listed on the out activity card. 


It was a very fun experience, we all wish we can get to be part of the second out of town adventure!





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