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Hi, Bellas!
I had a great weekend last October 21- .22, 2017 It was the first ever BDJ weekend launch with the theme “Dare to be You”.

Me and my boyfriend, Jerson were so excited. Since we came from Bulacan, we travel and arrive at Shangri La Plaza so early in the morning. And while waiting, I met a new friend, Anne. She’s a loyal Bella and I had a fun moment with her.

As a proverb says “Early bird catches worm”, so yeah! we got a towel from Wacoal, Papermoon / Botejyu discount card. Plus we got a chance to be part of #MadewithLove: Cake Decorating Workshop from Goldilocks. We were so delighted that we experience the joy of decorating a cake.

 My cake was decorated with a theme “Baby Shark” while Jerson decorated his cake with #SPOOKtober Halloween inspired. And the fun thing is that we able to take home this cake and share it with our family. Thanks, BDJ and Goldilocks!

Time flies so fast that we almost forgot that its break time already so we grab our FREE foods: fries from potato corner, juices sponsored by Wilkins and strawberry flavored yogurt as we move on to each activity booths.

First, we take our tea time with Basilur at Bella Besties booth while I and Theresa answering the slam worksheets provided on the table with other Bellas.

 Next, we visit Celeteque BoothSayang! They don’t have skin analyzer but they let Bellas use makeup and retouch in their vanity mirror while in Mendhi Tattoo Booth, there’s a long line waiting for their turn, so we skip that and went to the DIY Feather bookmark booth. We took our time designing our own feather and make friends with other Bellas here. While we were waiting for our feathers to dry, we go next to Photobooth

By the way, I gave my thumbs up to the BDJ team and volunteers out there that were really friendly and accommodating. Good job! :)

Since we have a DIY Dream Board with Bellas at 4:00 PM then we have enough time to check out Crafter’s Market and BDJ Selling booth. I bought some stickers and planners. 

Lastly, we attended “Dare to Dream” with Liz Lazuno of Project Vanity. It was an awe-inspiring story of her how she was able to pursue her dreams and makes it real.

The first day ended with a blast plus we had a lot of goodies to bring home.

How about Day 2?

I go solo today. Back to single and ready to mingle with Bellas.

My schedule for today was a bit hectic since I have 4 talks to attend plus 1 inspired pages workshop. I really need to maximize my time so that I could get enough energy to do it all.

Same as day one, I came too early!

Since I arrive in Manila at 7:30 AM and its Sunday so I look for St. Francis Church. After the mass, I went to the BDJ event area and wait for other Bellas to arrive.

My first agenda of the day way to get my Mendhi tattoo. So bilis! They painted my hand in less than 5 mins. Great! Now, my hand looks really cool.

So the 1st talk of the day was Boju 101: Beginner’s Guide with #GoalGurus Paula Binsol and Bianca Espeno.  Paula shared more fun ways to make Bujo really effective and cute. Now, I want to try Bullet Journaling too in my BDJ Smythe planner.

Next, was the 2nd  talk about “Strengths-Driven in 2018” with #GoalGurus OneCore’s Celine Sugay. I’ve learned the use of M-I-C-KMotivation, Inspiration, Cheer, and Kindness to help assess myself.

After the 2 talks, I thought I have enough time to eat my lunch with Gemabel but I almost forgot that I have Inspired Pages Workshop to attend at 1:00 PM. I was lucky enough to be able to join and watch how Beam Mariano decorated her planner really cute and so artistic. I’m going to make every page of my planner filled with artsy Watashi tapes, stickers, cute sticky note, stamps, etc.

By the time that it ends, I and other Bellas went to DIY Dream board booth. It was so fun moment with them. Since I’m a newbie here plus most of Bellas I’m with were veterans, I’ve learned a lot from them.

Around 3:30 PM, I attended the talk about “Declutter for Happier You ” with #Goal Guru Ayessa of Declutter MNL. She taught us the principles of decluttering and how it can change our lives. It was really like we were in the live Talk Show and she’s so amazing. Since I’m so stressed about all sentimental things around me, I think it’s a high time for me to dispatch most of it like what she advice: maybe some people need those stuff we just can’t let go.

With my friend, Theresa, we tour around again at Crafter Market and BDJ Selling booth to buy some stickers, journals, and planner. I also bought from Tokyo finds a Lunchbox: Beginner’s guide Dip Pen Calligraphy.

And finally, the last talk of the day, Fashion for Confidence with #GoalGuru Trixie Waasdrop. I like her! Imagine, she’s the one who styled up some famous celebrities in our generation like Alden Richard, Sam Concepcion, Morissette Amon, etc. And, she also gave us some tips and tricks of how to bring out the best version of ourselves through Fashion.

Wow! Kudos, BDJ team. J T’was awesome experience I ever had.

Thanks to all sponsors. I have a lot of goodies I can share with my family and friends. Lovelots.

See you next time, Bellas.


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