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By: Dorie Chua Chiaco

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I was so excited for the fact that I will have the chance to join the Women’s Summit once again is another experience I can never let go.  With my best friend Lovelin, who had a motorcycle accident the day before the event had to make an effort just to join me in the Summit nevertheless, do not want to miss this annual occasion.  We both had made extra bonding moments with Belle de Jour bellas and rendezvous.

Around 6 am after fetching the injured Lovelin at her house. Together with Rein my husband and our daughter Angelica arrived at the Samsung Hall with I think around fifty people in line already.  “Akala ko maaga na tayo nyan yun pala may mas excited pa kaysa sa akin.” Thanks to the staff of BDJ the registration was orderly however, there are hindi maiiwasang singitan sa line which of course very unfair to others who woke up very early like us tapos sisingitan ka lang ng mga 8 am na dumating dahil sa andun sa unahan ang barkada nila.  Sana next time there will be a priority number para maiwasan ang ganito.   Anyway, Ms. Abigail Arenas de-Leon as the first speaker is so brilliant in handling the kaka-wake up mood of the attendees, and what’s more thrilling about it was when she managed to make all of us shake and loose that “kakagising palang mood” with her warm up exercise.  Sa sobrang enjoy ng lahat we are all energetic in her talk which is very self-satisfying in terms of personification.  Very helpful in self-preparation for the day.  Her sense of humor is so overwhelming that we did not want her to stop talking but of course, there is the time limit.   Ms. Jodi and Hildilyn Diaz are both God inspiring speakers which in a way kakaiba din ang dating ng kani-kanilang motivation.  They both speak of how God inspired their lives and how Faith in God really can help you as a person when nobody else is there to help.

Ms. Pia Perey gave shared how her life as a single mom made her strong as a person and fought the limelight of fashion industry and favored by some Hollywood stars.  Ms. Rebecca Bustamante-Mills is so inspirational because of her rags to riches story – from being a domestic helper, to a nanny and finally became a CEO of her own company now, endlessly sharing her story all over the world.

The twins Dannah and Stacy Gutierrez the self-confessed self-pity ones.  And Ms. Jamie Pizarro my mentor, who gave me the reason to start running again, who gave me the reason to start believing in myself once more. That as a woman you should know that because you are a wife or a mother you can just stop there…There is also the “you” as a person, if you enjoy yourself more, you love yourself more, you can also give more love to your loved ones as well and life will be easier than you think it is.   She has always been an inspiration to me this time to my daughter Angelica too.  Angel asked me if she could run with me when the school is over.  And, that was so awe-inspiring hearing my own daughter say that – this is a start of our new friendship bonding together.

My hubby Rein Chua who for the first time tagged along at the summit never left in between the talks as per his plan and won in the raffle from with Starbucks VIP card and shipping card. Maybe he now realized how these women talk about men behind their backs :) Moreover, since these are all inspiring stories and moral boosters for women who wanted to make a change in our little way. This time, Rein will understand why I do this all year round joining BDJ Rendezvous, BDJ fair and the Annual Women’s Summit that this is not just about make-up and beauty make overs and also personification of how a woman should act and live as to level up herself as a mother, a wife and a friend, to inspire others and be inspired of what we can do for other women and men alike.


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  1. Nice blog entry. too bad I missed out on Ms. Pia’s talk

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