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Because I am currently dealing with my personal problems, I arrived at Eastwood mall late with the feeling of uncertainty and sadness, little did I know that everything that’s bugging me will be answered. RIGHT AWAY.

Upon seeing the event promo at BDJ’s FB page, tried my luck to enter aaaand I got an invite to BDJ Rendezvous Meet the Dream Chasers Event, and apparently I have no idea what I am going to see ( it was my first time to attend such event!), and I was really nervous cause’ I’ll be going alone.


I arrived there with Ms. Jaymie Pizarro from The Bull Runner  giving a talk. ImageImage

The Bull Runner is about first time marathoners, they conduct different practices/ work outs for first time marathoners to be ready to their marathon. Ms. Jaymie said that (non-verbatim) “There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing your first marathon.” I totally agree with her and if you apply it philosophically, you can also apply that to life itself that when you establish a goal , no matter how hard you try, how long did it take you just to finish it, it doesn’t matter, what is important is you’ve finished what you’ve started. And that is fulfilling.


The second guest is Ms. Roxy Navarro of Works of Heart http://www.worksofheartph.comImage

– where passion meets service. All my life, I wanted to make a change, or somehow make the world a better place, sounds cliche? I know right? But seriously, I want to somehow give back or at least influence and inspire others, especially the ones who needed most. Roxy said that she was stuck in a course she didn’t want but that did not stop her in pursuing her passion in arts, ( graphic design) and the passion to help. I was inspired cause’ right now I am in the same dilemma, the course thing if I am on the right track or not. And it was answered, follow your passion. And passion is not a hobby, but is something that’s part of you, something that is within you.Image


Ms. Tab Abad of Browhaus Manila and Strip Manilahttp://www.strip-manila.comImage

She is the third speaker, talked about how she brought browhaus and strip to Manila, how to catch your goals and dreams and one thing that had caught me was to never ever give up on your goals. I remember that she said (non-verbatim) ” If you’re unsure of something, that is not it yet, don’t go for it, but if you are sure of something, go for it even though it seem like impossible, because there will be always ways to make it possible.”


And lastly is Ms. Kate Alvarez http://katewashere.comImage

who talked about mental health. I was shocked because as far as I know, here in the Philippines that topic is often not talked about, “iwas na iwas mga Pilipino” they are grossed out and I don’t know why, so I was happy to know that Ms. Kate is an advocate to stop the stigma.

I myself was diagnosed last 2011 with anxiety disorder, 2014 mood disorder and depression and you know, I went through a lot and I’ve lost a lot. Maybe it is now the time to raise the awareness. To let people know what is the reality we are in now, it is the time to accept and be accepted. What sucks the most is people (mostly) cannot understand you, because they lack awareness and they are stuck with the stigma and stereotypes. And what happens? You are stuck in a nickname – “yung baliw”, “yung may saltik”,”sira-ulo”, and the likes. You are also called a “bitch”, “masama ugali”,”emo”,”weird” but in fact you just needed help and calling a mentally unstable person that way, you know sucks big time, that worsens the persons condition.ImageImage

Ms. Kate shared her story and lectured about depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, OCD and how many people are affected by it, like a lot of people! are affected, they were not just diagnosed or unable to seek for help, and even celebrities like Demi Lovato, Catherine Zeta Jones (and a lot more but i forgot)

Never be ashamed and be strong to ask for help. I was moved by her talk that I asked a question to her, which clearly helped me a lot, I honestly nearly cried in that time, when she talked to me, somehow, in that short time, I was in front of someone who went through what I did and understands me completely.


To the 4 Dream Chaser, I salute you! You helped me through a lot! to enrich my passion, pursue my dream and to know thyself in that 5 hour event!


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  1. Hi, June. I saw this post just now. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  2. Hi, Kim. I saw this post just now. Thanks for much for sharing and for supporting my advocacy! :-)

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