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BDJ Launchweekend_Photoopt


Unlike the previous BDJ (Belle De Jour) Fairs that were normally held at the SM Mall of Asia, this year’s BDJ Fair, which has a new name of BDJ Launch Weekend, had a more intimate set-up and was held at the EDSA Shangri-la Plaza. To be honest, I was thrilled when they changed the venue since I just live around the area (hehehehe). For this year, they conducted a 2-day event compare to the previous years where they only have the whole day of Saturday for the launch.

The theme of the event which is also the theme of the 2018 BDJ Planner is boho while the title is “Dare to be You. Unfortunately, as much as I want to register to almost all of the workshops, I was only able to attend 1 talk ( I registered for a Talk Pass) and avail my free session of Make your own dreamboard due to conflict with family schedule. Although the space they occupied is quite small compared before, I really love the styling they used for the Boho theme. It seems like you’re in the zone when you’re in it.

BDJ Launchweekend_Setup2BDJ Launchweekend_Stage set-up

BDJ Launchweekend_Dreamcatcher (2)

Giant Dreamcatcher

Along with my talk pass are the following:

  • An ID with Lace that I could use for the 2 day event
  • My chosen customized BDJ Planner. I chose the Leather one.
  • My pre-order planner stamp
  • A free Wacoal towel (since I was part of the first 100 participants–not included in the pic below)
  • A very chic Boho Feather head piece from Flawless
  • A set of freebie stubs that contains (Free Fries for Day 1 & 2, drinks, Cotton Candy, feather coloring, Hena tattoo and a yougurt), so yes I didn’t get hungry while at the event.
BDJ Launchweekend_Freebie Stub

Freebie Stub

BDJ Launchweekend_Talk Pass

Talk Pass Package and pre-ordered stamp


I registered to the first talk of Day 1 which is Bullet Journaling for Day to Day. The #goalguru who conducted the talk was Ms. Belle Mapa. It was a quick but educational talk as I learned that I am almost doing Bullet Journaling for quite some time, but instead of using a bullet journal, I still use my own BDJ planner.  I love that she’s been honest on why she prefers Bullet Journals instead of the usual planners. For my side, I still want to stick with my BDJ Planner, because being a new mom and being a little OC, I think I have no time decorating a Bullet Journal and I prefer the color themes of the BDJ Planner (it’s so Kikay kasi).

BDJ Launchweekend_goalgurus

Belle Mapa


Like the usual tradition for every talks, we have lots of freebies that was given to us (this time) at the start of the session.

BDJ Launchweekend_Freebies

Talk Freebies


There are lots of fun activities that happened in the event, one of it was the Cake Decorating session which I also got for free but it had a conflict in schedule with my talk thus I wasn’t able to avail it, a free taste of Basilur Tea, Photobooth and a line up of crafts store to pump up our planners.

BDJ Launchweekend_Cake Decorating

BDJ Launchweekend_Craftstores

A crafter’s haven—stickers!!!!

In the afternoon, I joined Create your 2018 Dreamboard session wherein they provided the materials to use in our dreamboard. It was my first time to create my dreamboard with other bellas as I normally do it all alone during Christmas break (it’s a different experience and I enjoyed it).

BDJ Launchweekend_DIY Dreamboard

BDJ Launchweekend_Dreamboard

My 2018 Dreamboard


During my stay at the event, I was able to bond with fellow bella Gemabel Gayta (@gemabelli ). I also bumped in for the first time with Genzel Ha-bab  (@Genzellaces ). Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a selfie with Ms. Dar (just a big fan here!).

BDJ Launchweekend_Gemmabelle

Gemabel Gayta (@gemabelli )

BDJ Launchweekend_Genzel

Genzel Ha-bab (@Genzellaces )

BDJ Launchweekend_Darlyn

Ms. Dar


Overall, despite the limited activities I was able to avail, I still enjoyed the BDJ Launch Weekend and looking forward for the next BDJ events.


Congrats BDJ team for another successful event! If you want to check their planners and other exciting stationary products, head on to their website at


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