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I have mentioned in my previous blog entry “Fearless in the Face of Uncertainty” that I recently became a single mom to two kids. It was such a life-changing event (literally) for me that at one point I was so lost on how to start over.

My friends Max and Mau has been with me throughout the process, and the best thing that they had done was to lend and ear and not pass judgement. They had let me vent, and cry, and go crazy at the time that I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone. They were honest with their opinions, and they gave me the best words of wisdom. They gave me opportunities to be distracted, like when we went out of town, take long lunch breaks together, and spend time after work. I unloaded to them my frustrations, my fears, my worries. In turn they gave me hope and strength, and courage.

I’m okay now and coping and I feel like my happy old self again, thanks to them. I really appreciate what they did, just by being there and supporting me during the tough times and never gave up on me when I know I was at my lowest, most irritating and desperate self. They kept me sane, to say the least.

If our schedules permit, I hope to be able to spend time with them again, hopefully this summer for a day at the beach or just be able to spend the day doing what we like best — shopping, eating, laughing, and endless chismis.

Thank you so much for the friendship, girls.
You know I will also do what you did for me, in a heartbeat.
I love you both!

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