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Official Banner for BDJ Fair 2016 [Photo Credit:]

If I known about Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner in 2011, the year I moved to Manila, I would have been a Bella, right then and there.

It’s amazing how the planner started in 2006, expanded its market and products (Navi, EIP, trackers, notepads, washi tapes, and other paper products) and grew into a community of empowered women by 2016.

Now, 2017 is within grasp, with just a few months to go, BDJ makes its mark for its 11th year by launching the 2017 BDJ Power Planner and new paper products last October 16, in the BDJ Fair at SM MOA Music Hall.

There were classic highlights in this year’s event, but there are also a few surprises and new stuff lined up for the Bellas! Let’s go through them one at a time.

Team in prep for the opening of the BDJ Fair 2016 at the SM MOA Music Hall.

Classic Favorites:

Like previous BDJ Fairs, the event was a fund-raiser for advocacies supported by the community. This year its for Grace To Be Born, an organization which serves as caretakers of pregnant women who are incapable of providing for their children as well as an orphanage for kids and babies*. 

*Belle de Jour Power Planner, Facebook Page

Proceeds were from VIP Pass sales (Php200), which allows the attendee to customize their planner, attend two (2) talks of their choice (with lootbags!), and try out special fair activities (Bungee Jump, Tarot Reading, Surf Rider, and the Interactive Photobooth). Walk-ins were also accepted.

A choice of 2 of these talks comes with the VIP Pass Bundle. [Photo credit: BDJ Power Planner]


The popular highlight of the event were the Partner Booths! Prizes and games for every active Bella!

I was so pumped up, I dropped by almost all the booths just before attending my first talk!

BDJ Fair Map [Photo credit: BDJ Power Planner]

New Surprise:

Bellas can buy a trinket –  a bracelet with their power word on it!

Also, BDJ have catered four (4) paid workshops for the Bellas who enjoy art and those who want to know more about the life purpose through goal setting.

  •  Project Ikigai: Goal Setting for 2017 with BDJ President and Founder Ms. Darlyn Ty
  •  Flower Sketching with Crafter and Pattern Designer Ms. Alessandra Lanot
  • Mandala Painting with Visual Arts Teacher and Live Demo Artist Mr. AMos Manglangit
  • Papercut Stenciling with Ms. Mansy Abesamis
Ikigai Workshop Attendees

My Bella Experience

As Bellas of 3 years now (excited ones at that), my best friend and I came early at the venue. The team were still preparing, and the early comers lined up just by the fenced area. Everyone was excited! Seems like the slight rain brought about by typhoon Karen were not a hindrance to us!

We got free Washi Tapes for pre-registering and coming early, yay!

Registration Area.
Check out the new products displayed at the Selling Area!

And now on to the booths! <Disclaimer: There are  some booths that I didn’t get to take pictures, but that doesn‘t mean I didn’t have fun with them! Brand participants had their booths well thought out. :)>

Red Mango

Choose five (5) ingredients and toss them through the holes! Make sure you shoot three (3) to get a prize!

Red Mango Booth Toss
It was hard! I only got to shoot one.


Register and pick a prize! I won a Parisian Post Card.

Parisian Booth.
Other prizes to be won at the Parisian Booth.

Strip Manila/Browhaus

Match the cards for 30 seconds and win prizes!

The cameras are on me when I tested my memory and luck in the Browhaus/Strip Manila Memory Game!


Matching Game or Spell Out. I won myself a face towel!

Matching Game with Wacoal.

Ace Water Spa

Take a selfie at the booth, register, and roll the dice to know your prize! I got an eco bag with a round fan. :)

Ace Water Spa Booth. Look at the dice!


Wack the Cake Pinata for a sweet treat from them! It’s crumbly…it’s yummy…it’s Goldilocks Polvoron!

Goldilocks Pinata


Spin the Wheel, do the task, snag the prize! The Wheel was good to me. I just have to follow their IG (which I already did). I choose the Flawless Soap!

With the Flawless Wheel

Mrs. Fields

Another Spin the Wheel game! Baked goods were displayed in the booth and it smelled abosolutely heavenly! I won a discount voucher!

The Mrs. Fields Wheel


The third Spin the Wheel game! GCs was up for grabs!

Serenity Spin the Wheel

Subic Grand Seas

Ring Toss Game!

Subic Grand Seas Booth


Dive in the Ball Pit and retrieve all 10 soap boxes to win a prize! I achieved the task in just 10 seconds! I just really wanted my chosen prize – a Jergens Soap<and what else? :)>!

Jergens Booth


Ball Pit!
Look at me go!


Shoot the balls into the basket and win Vedette Mask!

With my Strawberry Yoghurt Mask Prize!


Pose for a photo, upload on Instagram and have it printed! Plus draw your prize after registering. I got lucky with my Black Sheep Canvas Bag.

At the ETC Booth



Surf Rider

Ride the waves on the surfboard! Maintaining my balance and keeping myself on the board was a bit difficult since the booth was slightly dampened by rain. I had fun trying though! Also, taking a pose was pretty awesome.

Surf’s Up!

Bungee Jump

I finally got to try bungee jumping this year! I hope this would be in next year’s fair again so that 

I can practice my jumps and rotations. :)

Interactive Photo Booth

This year’s photo booth had a revamp as we get to take home 2 photos – one of them a ref magnet!

Loving this year’s Photos from the Interactive Photobooth!


Spotted on the Photobooth! [Photo credit: BDJ Power Planner]

Planner Customization Booth

Pre-ordered planners were not the only ones customized. On the spot customization were also available for BDJ planners bought in the fair.

Customization Booth


This year’s event was hosted by lovely Tracy Abad. Some girls also gave a dance number to perk the audience. Raffle winners were drawn at lootbags were claimed by the end of the every talk.

Ms. Tracy Abad
Dance Presentation

Due to other commitments, I only got to attend the 2PM talk entitled Empowering Yourself to Succeed with Ms. Abbygale de Leon. Unfortunately, due to the weather, her flight got delayed in Zamboanga so she wasn’t able to make it to the fair. Fortunately, Wacoal’s Merchandising/Logistics Manager Ms. Elmie Cadungog was there with us. She carried out the topic based on her own experiences, which was personal and inspiring.

To quote her:

“We learn from our mistakes and then we move on.”

“Build self-esteem through learnings.” 

“Surround yourself with positive people… Look for the positive.” 

“Investing in yourself; love yourself.” 


Ms. Elmie talking about empowering oneself.

Finally, we have the loot and prizes!

I am now ready for 2017 with my customized BDJ Power Planner and Productivity Tracker!

I wouldn’t have enjoyed much without this lovely ladies!

See you all again in the next year’s fair!





For more wonders, follow me on IG: @gemabelli and Google+! :)

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  1. Glad to see you again at the fair Gemabel!

  2. Thanks Judy Ann! I want to include our picture but it was blurred. :( Hope to see you soon!

  3. Too bad I missed out on this event last year. Hope I get to attend one BDJ fair

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