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Hello Bellas!

“I Love Milk Tea” is a popular milk tea shop with many branches in the country. It can be franchised which is why there are many I Love Milk Tea stalls and stores. It offers to serve different flavors or variants of milk tea, fruit tea, frappe, poppin’ yogurt tea and rock salt cheese.

It`s a nice little place for high school and college students who want to have a small group meeting or study session, workers who want to drink milk tea, hang out and chat on their break or individuals who just needs an alone time. Their prices are relatively affordable which makes the store more appealing.


The place is relatively near Quezon City Circle. It`s located in a busy area and there are business establishments nearby which makes it convenient if I have other errands to run. It has good air-conditioning with free Wi-Fi connection. Customers can charge their phones or laptops to one of the electricity sockets which is really great especially if you had been meaning to do some of your school or work related tasks there. It`s not often noisy inside the store so I can drink my milk tea at the same time read a book, write a blog post or browse the internet in peace.

Its interior is simple which gives off a comfortable atmosphere. It`s small but the tables and chairs were appropriately placed. I often like to sit at one of the high chairs because it`s high enough that I don`t have to slouch if I`m reading. I also didn`t want to sit at one of the tables meant for more than 1 person just in case there are customers that need to sit there.

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