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Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a girl who is always afraid. This girl is scared not of mystical creatures or monsters but of a magical curse on her skin. The girl did not like that a scar due to a third degree burn was painted on her skin. But one uneventful day came, a fairy godmother named Lalay. The fairy did not use a magic wand but said in  simple and sweet tone, “embrace your flaws because God created us in a special way”.

From that moment, the girl began embracing her flaws and valuing the blessings she received. That girl is none other than me and that fairy godmother is my bestfriend.  Lalay and I had been bestfriend since elem days. Back then, I hated that scar on my left arm. Some naughty kids at school would tease me about it. But lalay never leave me, she would say encouraging words and boosting  my confidence whenever I get insecure. Some times, she would tap me at the back while wearing her beautiful smile. That’s the greatest thing she had done for me. No words can spell how much I am thankful for having her in my life because she loved me more than I love myself.

with my bestfriend

with my bestfriend

Right now, we are oceans and countries apart fulfilling our dreams. I can never repay what she had done for me but I know being her fairy godmother , being there for her when she needs someone to listen to her stories about her chosen craft, life and of course about her love life would be enough.

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