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Hala unsa na? ( What’s that ? ) , my co employee asked me regarding my journal. I said, this is ME, then I let her saw my journal and explained to her why it is called ME. I shared to her my Dreams and spoke her about being an inspiration. I told her that being an inspiration to others you shall start inspiring yourself first. Put it on journal but always give feelings to what you are doing..So that whenever you need an inspiration to yourself you can open it and start nourishing the feelings you have. It may be sadness or gladness at the end you will realize that you are teaching your own self how to overcome problems and rewards yourself. Once you’re done it to yourself, now surprisingly there will be situations that you will encounter with others that reflects your own journal experiences then you will start sharing how you overcome those situations. It is not easy to inspire others but if you have a heart wherein your feelings are true nothing is impossible. In an instant you will become an inspiration to them…Start doing this for 2016 and years to come…Happy New Year fellow bdj.

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