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It’s A Girl Thing

As a working professional, I sometimes forget my personal schedule and my normal routine was to focused in my day to day schedule at work. Without noticing, it became unhealthy and caused me to be burnout of my usual task. I have forgotten the thought of work-life-balance. Until one of my officemate introduced BDJ Planner which I found interesting.

I’m not into planners before but since it has a lot of cool stuff, I decided to get one. It was the 2014 BDJ Planner, which was my first. The girly cover and its colorful pages are so attractive. It was designed not just like the usual planners. Since then, it became part of my yearly bucketlist. I love how it is created and designed every year. It has features that fits my needs and it’s the only planner that is combined with useful trackers. This helps me a lot to manage my schedule and also serves as a diary where I can jot down important events of my life. Plus the fact that it has variety of discount coupons that I can use. As I always say to my friends, this is like a one-stop-shop stuff especially for girls. with this, I can track my monthly period, monthly income and expenses. It’s not just like that, it also provide helpful tips to maintain healthy lifestyle. And that’s the reason why I love BDJ Planner and how it satisfies me.

After years of being a fan of BDJ, I’ve decided to register for the BDJ Launch Weekend. It happened last October 21-22, 2017. It was my first time to join BDJ event together with one of my friend. I was surprised how BDJ Community is growing. We have so much fun especially with the booths inside the event. We enjoy booth activities. From there, I have created my dream board and feather booklet which is the most cool thing that I’ve tried. It shows my own creativity and artistry. It makes me more motivated to dream big and achieve my goal. There are several workshops and talks which I found helpful for most of us. Everything was worth it and a great weekend to spend.


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