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We all know that Japan is a well-developed country, not just the places in this country but its people too. If we will be talking about how well-disciplined they are, all I can say is “HANDS DOWN!”. No trash bins in the streets because you have to carry your trash all through the way your home or to the place you are going to. People are also incredibly polite.

So, me and my family are still here in Japan, more specifically in Hyōgo Prefecture, but our flight back to the Philippines is already this Sunday, July 9th. This is my first time in Japan and I am overwhelmed on how beautiful this country is. We’ve been here for almost two weeks and I am having this feeling that I still don’t want to leave.

For the past week, me and my fam went to this shopping street called みゆき通り(Miyukidori) and to one of their malls, Piole. Since that items in mall are quite expensive, we decided to buy our “Pasalubongs” in Miyukidori. However, Piole has several cheap restaurants where you can choose from.

This last Saturday, we went to Universal Studios Osaka and enjoyed the entire day from riding, walking and buying souvenirs. I EVEN GOT MYSELF A MAGIC WAND OF HERMIONE GRANGER in Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I have uploaded a favorite picture mine, the Himeji Castle which is located near Miyukidori. We still haven’t gone there but hopefully this Wednesday we can. Hope you liked it, Bellas!


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