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When I was growing up (well, I hope I’m still growing), I had a lot of insecurities specifically with my physical features. I still have those self-doubts although I believe I can now manage to be positive about it. I know how difficult it is to be skeptical with your own self. It seems like you always need to push yourself a little harder every time you accomplish something. In a nutshell, you feel like YOU’RE NEVER ENOUGH.

You got a high score on your exam, but it’s not enough. Your skin is flawless, but it’s not enough. You’re funny, but it’s not enough. You lost weight, but it’s not enough. You’re kind but, it’s not enough. Everything is not enough.

Because of these, you tend to push yourself so much and aim to achieve your goals in a short period of time. I remember back in my high school days, I always felt like I’m too big. I was very desperate to lose weight and to be as thin as I possibly can be. However, I kept on getting bigger. In search of a quick fix (my stupidest idea ever), I deprived myself of food. At the same time, I drank a lot of fizzy drinks, so that I’d feel full all the time. After weeks of doing this, I was rushed to the hospital just to find out that I had UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Yes, I got very thin but not in a good way. I looked like a bag of bones. My skin was dry and my face was littered with zits. I looked terrible. It took me some time to realise how foolish I was in doing what I did. But when the bell rang, it was clear to me that I was extremely tough on myself.

Nowadays, I would like to think that I’m wiser in making decisions and more relaxed generally while continually motivating myself. This is my Year 2017’s resolution, actually. I’ve already started this #BEGOODTOMYSELF plan and I think it’s going very well. I hope to share this kind of positive aura in me through this blog.

1. Stop listening to what the world says.
We feel that we’re not enough because this world we live in sets certain demands in our lives. There is specific standard on everything. You don’t need to be this and that just to call yourself beautiful, clever, kind, funny and so on. There’s no pattern to follow for you to be the best you can be.

2. Appreciate who you are and what you have.
Stop pushing yourself to be another person. I know celebrities are really good-looking and captivating but that’s because they take care of themselves. You are who you are and that makes you special. You have something that no one else has. You have to capture it and embrace everything.

3. Focus on what will make you feel good.
In terms of fitness, don’t just aim for a thinner physique.. Aim for a healthier frame. In terms of knowledge, don’t aim to be better than anyone.. Aim to be wiser than your old self. In terms of personality, don’t concentrate on what you are not.. Focus on what you are and cultivate it. By doing this, you will no longer feel that you aren’t enough simply because there’s no more competition in your life. It’s all about nurturing yourself and being the first-rate you.

4. Don’t give up on yourself.
There will be setbacks. There’s no chance of escaping that. Still, be sure to get up and carry on doing what you need to do. The road to victory is not a smooth ride. There will be a lot of bumps, the road might have potholes as well. You will perhaps fall down a number of times. Yet, always remember that persistence is the key. Put your mind into it and unleash the lion in you.

I haven’t yet gotten to my paramount. Actually, I’m pretty far from it. Nevertheless, I’m starting with baby steps. Slowly but steadily going there. Aspiring to be best person I can be. So, let’s stick together in saying I AM ENOUGH.

Don’t let those gits get on your way. Let them keep their delusional minds stay in their brains. Feed yourself with good thoughts and focus on the things that will help you to be better.

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