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Lists - Check!


I would never have considered myself a Lists girl. But this is the third year I’ve had a BDJ Planner and I’ve recognized that a full life means getting the most out of each day. Really using my planner is helping me live life to the fullest. I don’t like looking at blank pages of a planner. One way I’ve kept it full lately, is by making LISTS. I definitely noticed that how much more tasks I can accomplish when I list them down daily and check them off as I go through my day.


The urge to take a quick break and check my Instagram feed is curbed when I look at my list and I’ve nothing (or very few) ticked off. I’ve been forgetting things less and less; as long as I got them written down on my planner, it will likely be done. It could be an email I need to respond to, or a request I need to review and approve.

I used to overstay at the office on a daily basis. 9 hours of work (I rarely take lunch breaks, and working breaks are more frequent now) is seldom enough to get everything done. It turns out that I don’t need any other time management hack but the good old checklist. At the start of my day, I look at my list and get an idea of how much time each task needs. Though I don’t write down the schedule, I get a sense of what time each task needs to be done. Then I just go through each task, one at a time. I’m a good multi-tasker so I actually get other things done on top of my list, but I make it a point that my list takes priority. Sometimes, multi-tasking makes us lose sight of the more urgent stuff, but having a list makes it easier to remember.

At the end of each working day, I don’t feel guilty about going home on time because I know I’ve done what I had to do that day. Getting home early means more time for other things: sleeping, bonding with family or friends, blogging, crafting, etc. Score for my lists and the BDJ planner!

My next challenge is using the same lists system to my non-work related tasks. I’ve got a separate list for things I need to do outside of work. Checking those off has not been as easy as the work list, but armed with my lovely BDJ planner, we’ll get there.

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