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After the holidays, there’s the Gym season. Which means everyone will be lining up on your nearest gym for workout. Make fitness a realistic goal with the Fitness Daybook.

Getting the Fitness daybook also means that you’ve made a decision to become stronger, more powerful, and more beautiful!

Here’s what in store for you when you get Fitness Daybook:

1.     1. Set Personal Fitness Goals

Before you start off with anything, Daybook asks you these que   stions:

·         Are you ready to change and adopt a new fitness lifestyle?

·         Do you want to see a new and improved version of yourself?

It it’s a “yes” to all, then set your fitness goals and strive to implement them every day.

Not all can finish a 1-year diet plan, I mean honestly, right? That’s why Daybook gives a 15-week challenge to jumpstart your goal for 2017.


This handy-sized book lets you write down reasons why you want to be fit and sets your mantra for the whole challenge just so you can have something to look back when you feel like giving up. You can also print a photo of yourself and a photo of your fitspiration *ehem Gigi Hadid* to boost your motivation. After you’ve finished your list, you’re all set for a Game Face: ON workout!

2.     2. Manage your workouts

Through the help of daybook, you can’t just beat the air, working out anytime you want to. Track progress to provide proofs for you to continuously be motivated.


Get started with your workout by not looking like a total noob. Daybook provides short articles on workout basics you need to know and probably the most important, your workout OOTD! Your outfit is your armor. It should make it easier for you to move. Work out until you see those faint lines of abs you’ve been aiming for!

3.     3. Track your food intake

While it’s bearable for you to lift those weights, it’s now time to manage your meals. For most women, this is harder than the workout part. Learn about serving sizes and calorie count so you can determine if your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs.


You can track your food intake per meal and its calorie count, water intake, and hours of sleep on the table provided by Daybook. It might make you a little feel guilty jotting down every meal but eventually it will train you to pick the right food to eat for your body. Remember, fitness not thinness!

4.     4. Improve your health and lifestyle choices

After all the hard work and effort to achieve your fitness goals, it’s now time for you to relax and review your accomplishments.

viber image

Daybook lets you list down workout and food diet tricks that work best for you, newfound habits, and the status of your weight.

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