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Personally, going to Denver was the most exciting part of my first trip to U.S.A because I get to see a snow in real life!

Upon observing the land beneath us, and while enjoying my cold Coke (as I also listen to Taste the Feeling, repeatedly) on the plane going to Denver, random questions popped in my mind:

“I could see a lot of circles below, are those farms?”

“Which state are we now?”

“Those trees have snow, but it’s in the middle of a dry land. How come?”

My mind was wildly wondering at that time, I was really curious! After Google-ing, I found out that those circle farms were still part of Texas, hence made me realize, “Yeah, Texas is indeed a large state”. You may refer to the image below so you’ll get to understand that “circle farm” I’m talking about. Haha!

Credits to Google Maps

When I looked outside and there’s snow – some were ice – everywhere, I knew we’re already in Colorado. As we stepped outside the airport, I was like a kid stomping on every ice I see on the street. 😛 Our hands were freezing because of the cold wind, it’s like we’re not wearing any gloves at all! So once we got inside the car, everyone felt relieved when the heater was turned on.

December 25, 2016 – Our first day in Denver, we, the young adults went to visit the Washington Park first because we’re all be like, “It’s just a park, let’s check it out”. As you can see in the picture, ice was everywhere in the park and we’re “fully geared” — so we thought.

The cold wind in the park made us tremble and ran back inside the car while shouting “Abort! We need more jacket!”. That moment was really HILARIOUS! After that, we stroll around to look for a convenience store that sells heat patches. We then decided to go back to Washington Park to try out how effective those heat patches we have. As we stepped out from the car, we bravely shouted, “We’re back b*tches!” like we’re having a big fight with the wind. Aren’t we crazy?

Sadly, the cold wind could still make us tremble! The heat patches were no help, so that’s the time we surrendered and went back to the hotel. The coldness really bothered us, anyway.

We spent our night walking around the Larimer Square, but most of the stores were closed because it’s Christmas Day. The Larimer is famous for its restaurants, shopping and night life. While on our way back to the hotel, we also had a glimpse of the Pepsi Center – the home of the Denver Nuggets!

The next day was Winter Activities at Winter Park, Colorado. This day marks my first legit snowfall experience! Is it weird that I kind of like the tiny squeaking sound when walking through the snow? Hmm.

Even it’s snowing, the wind during that time was not as strong as the wind in the Washington Park so it’s cool to play outside. I sort of regret not doing a Snow Angel with the kids! LOL!  Anyway, we spent half of the day in the Winter Park before going to our next breathtaking destination, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre!

They said, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the greatest entertainment venues, I actually agree to that. From being developed in a natural way to its breathtaking view, it’s definitely a place to visit. It is also a good place for star gazing at night because you could clearly see the sky in a very wide space.

When we were outside the Colorado State Capitol, I’m trying to lure those squirrels by mimicking their sound, but none of them was stupid enough to come near me. LOL! Some people see them as pests because sometimes squirrels steal their food.

The Colorado State Capitol is not as big as the Capitol in Austin, Texas yet the interior is pretty amazing too. They even put up a real tree inside the Capitol to serve as their Christmas tree. The grand stairway sort of resembles the stairway in fairy tales. 😛

I must say, the Denver Art Museum is pretty amazing because there’s so much to see! I highly recommend spending at least a day when going to visit this place, it’s really a big museum. From the building itself to an extensive range of exhibits, definitely worth the price. 🙂

Lastly, the Union Station, where I stupidly lost my precious $30 Columbia mittens that I’ve worn only once! Boohoo! But anyway, the station is beautiful inside, just like a mini mall. You’ll see food and ice cream restaurants, souvenir shops, coffee shops, bookstore, and seats are available for the waiting passengers. The Christmas season made our trip to Denver even more beautiful because of the Christmas lights at night and the decorations in every place we visit.

I will definitely come back here, especially on a winter season and do the Snow Angel! 🙂

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