BDJ Passion Series: Dream to Live


Calling all the Bella Dreamers out there! Mark your calendars for BDJ Passion Series: Dream to Live happening on August 12, 2017!

Be ready to be inspired to dream and do your own dream catchers! Inerested to join the event? Do one of the following activities over at Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter:

Option #1 (Priority Invite): Show off your best Bohemian-themed OOTD and share with us why you love those fashion pieces
Option #2: Share with us what are the things you crossed out in your 2017 Checklist
Option #3: Share this event poster and let us know what are the dreams you want to come true

Don’t forget to set your post in public and tag us through the hashtags, #BDJxSakrootsPassionSeries #SakrootsxBDJ

Submit the links of your entries below. See you there!

Comments (35)

  1. I hope na isa ko sa mapili at manalo para makapunta po ako sa event na to last event po na napuntahan ko is yung bdj women summit pa po :-) sobra kong naiinspired sa lahat ng mga idea at topic na naibabahagi niyo po saamin.

  2. I’m so excited 😊

  3. Joined. Hope to have an invites… I love to attend BDJ event.

  4. Joined! <3

    Done and hoping to get an invite again. Very much excited on this event.

  6. excited much,!


    I am done!! Very timely topic!!! I really want to join again Bella!!! =)


    Another strike out from our list. Hoping for an invite for me and my friend on Aug12. Thank you BDJ and SakrootsPH

  9. Joined too! Hoping to have an invite. Thank you for this chance BDJ team. God bless

  10. Hoping to be able to join! This will be fun! 🤗


    I hope I will include in this event.
    #BDJxSakrootsPassionSeries #SakrootsxBDJ

  12. Sana mapili po ako dahil Certified Bella’s po ako, Salamat.

  13. Submitted an entry. Hope to join again.

  14. My dream is to snag an invite to this event!😆

  15. Check out my entry, invites pls🌼

  16. wish ko mapili ako cross fingers

  17. i hope to get an invite… :( last time i wasnt able to have one…

  18. hoping

  19. I’m joining here because I want to attend to another series of interesting talks. Please pick me up. Thank you.
    Fb: NicaAbad

  20. Hi BDJ, this is my entry for the BDJ Passion Series Dream to live. :) Hoping for an invite because it will be my first time joining your awesome event. :)

  21. joined#BDJxSakrootsPassionSeries #SakrootsxBDJ

  22. I would love to join this passion series! :)

  23. This is my very first time na makasali sa BDJ Event :) Sana mapili po ako. :) Gusto ko makining ng mga Inspiring Life Lessons dahil kagagaling ko lang sa Depression and gusto kong tulungan sarili ko bumangon. :)

    Link of my entry: