BDJ Passion Series: Mix & Match Fashion

Upgrade your OOTDs by learning the basic fashion must-haves and learning how to plan your outfits using the capscule wardrobe! Join us on the first BDJ Women for Women event, together with Wacoal, “Mix & Match Fashion” on June 24, 1pm-5pm at Conti’s Shaw Blvd. This will be open to a limited number for Bellas only.

To score invites, here’s how:

1. Snap a photo of your OOTD wearing your favorite fashion items and share with us what and why is it your favorite item

2. Post your favorite fashion style/staple that you want to have in your closet and tell us why you love it so much

3. Share the event poster with the caption ”Mix and Match Fashion with BDJ and Wacoal”

Send links of your post below. Don’t forget to set your posts on public and use the hashtags #BDJPassionSeries #WacoalMix&Match
And don’t forget to tag us
F: BelledeJourPlanner
TW & IG: @BDJBuzz

**Make sure to regularly check your emails. Event confirmations will be sent through email.

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  1. #BDJPassionSeries #WacoalMix&Match @BDJBuzz

  2. Done! Hoping… :)

  3. Done! Hoping to get one… :)

  4. Finally!! Will be looking forward to this first series of the Year!!!

  5. Hope to get an invite ☺

  6. Done! Hoping to get an invite. :)

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  13. Hoping to score an invite. The topic fits my needs now.

  14. Hoping to score an invite 😊

  15. Hoping to score an invite to this event! :)

  16. ”Mix and Match Fashion with BDJ and Wacoal”

    #BDJPassionSeries #WacoalMix&Match

  17. ”Mix and Match Fashion with BDJ and Wacoal”
    #BDJPassionSeries #WacoalMix&Match

  18. Hoping to win an invite

  19. Hoping to score an invite! Missed attending your events :)

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  22. Always looking forward to join your BDJ Passion Series events. Hoping to get an invite please. =)

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  26. Hi! Here’s the link to my post would really love to come to your event . Thank you!

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    Hope to score an invite 😊

  29. Done. Hope to be invited to improve my matching of my outfits as well. Here’s the link of my entry:

  30. Done! Hoping to get invited!😍😘 Here’s the link for my entry:

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  33. Good Day Dear BDJ Team,

    sending in just in case there will be an available slot for the Wacoal Mix and Match- BDJ Passion Series

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