BDJ Passion Series: Sharpie De Mayo

Let’s celebrate the colourful feast of “Flores De Mayo” with Sharpie this May 6, 2017! This will be held at the Staple and Perk Café, located at Ecoplaza Bldg, 2305 Chino Roces Ave, Makati. Event will start by 1:00PM to 5:00PM. This will be open to a limited number of Bellas.

 To score invites, here’s how: 

  1. Answer the question – “If you are a flower, what flower and color would you be?” using your sharpie pens. Imagine, draw, and color yourself as a flower. Post it on your Facebook/Instagram and tag Sharpie and BDJ by using the hashtag #SharpieDeMayo # BDJXSharpie
  2. Florals are in! Post your favorite floral item that you own. Tag Sharpie and BDJ by using the hashtag #SharpieDeMayo # BDJXSharpie
  3. Send links of your post over below. Don’t forget to set your posts to public.

** Limited slots only.


 **Make sure to regularly check your emails. Event invite confirmations will be sent through email.


Comments (38)

  1. Please let me know if this works. Thanks. – Rose

  2. I love to join please check my IG @avaperada thank you and hope to win

  3. I want to join please let me win @ava_mau
    Thank you

  4. joined😊

  5. Done Posting . Super excited

  6. joined. hoping to be a part of this event. Link below:

  7. Joined. Hoping to get a slot 😊

  8. excited..

  9. I want to join this event !!

  10. love flowers I love to join

  11. I JOINED! Hope to get an invite! here’s my link:

  12. joined.. hope to be chosen. I miss attending BDj events :)

  13. Posted my entry! :) Waiting.. :D

  14. Are the materials for this event free?

  15. Joined!!! Excited for this BDJxSharpie Event #SharpiedeMayo

  16. Here is my entry I hope to join the #SharpieDeMayo #BDJXSharpie event this May 6!

  17. Joined! :) I’m super excited!! ahhhh~ I’m hoping to get an invite <3

    This is my post in twitter:

    -and since it has two photos i posted on instagram twice :)

  18. Not sure why my first comment wasn’t posted :O so i’m commenting again just in case :) haha~
    I’m super excited <3 and I hope I can score an invite!!! I really love Sharpie <3

    THis is my post on twitter:

    and since it has two images, i posted twice on IG:

    I hope the links work :) God bless~

  19. Joined :) Hoping to get in.

  20. Hi! I would like to join. Here’s a link to my post:

  21. This will be my very first BDj event if ever! I am currently in Makati so I am so excited! I hope you’ll send me an invite to this particular event because I’ll be going home to our province soon. Thank you in advance!

  22. Aw, I thought deadline was until May 1? Hope I can still join. :) Here’s mine:

  23. I want to join. Here’s the link:


    I posted my photo last 04/29 -hoping to get a slot!