BDJ Rendezvous: Bella Mommies

Hey there Bella Mommies! Let’s celebrate the joy of motherhood in BDJ Rendezvous: Bella Mommies on July 22, 2017 at 2L Atrium, The Podium.

Here’s how to get an invite:

Option 1: Share with us your #perksofabellacoupon experience that you used for/with your little one(s) and how Belle de Jour kept you strong as a mother

Option 2: Fill out and post your My Happiness List from your BDJ Planner 2017

Option 3: Share this event poster and answer the question: “What does it takes to be a mother?”

Don’t forget to set your post in public, tag our social media accounts, and use the hashtags #BDJRendezvous2017 and #BellaMommies

Please note that this event is exclusive for Bella Mommies and Bella Mommies-to-be.

Submit the links of your entries below.

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  1. Hope to win an invites!

  2. hoping I will invites thanks


  4. sana manalo ako..

  5. hope i win

  6. Joined here’s my entry

    #BDJRendezvous2017 #BellaMommies Belle De Jour PowerPlanner

  7. Joined #BDJRendezvous2017 BellaMommies

  8. Joined

  9. I hope I could get an invite this time ☺

  10. Entry submitted ☺️

  11. Hope to have an invite😊 please

  12. Joined!

  13. would love to attend the rendezvous this July!!! thank you in advance for the invite.;)

  14. Joined! But I don’t know if it was already submitted here, anyway here’s the link:

    Thank you!

  15. I can’t submit my entry. :(
    it stated:
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  16. Done. :)

  17. Entry Sent! :)

  18. hope to join this event this year

    Here’s my entry..hoping to win and learn again things that beneficial to motherhood stage.

  20. Submitted my link!


    i joined ms. louse giveaway #bdjrendezvous2017

  22. I tried to submit yesterday but it says it’s already closed. I tried it again earlier today but same thing. Here’s my link just in case you see this post and decide to give me an invite. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  23. Hope I can still get an invite for tomorrow