BDJ Rendezvous Declutter Your Life

Hey there Bellas! Are you all looking for ways to declutter your stuff but don’t know where or how to start? Come and join us at our 2nd BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter Your Life, as we teach you how to declutter physically and mentally.

Here’s how to score an invite:

Option 01: Share the official event poster and caption it by answering the question “What do you find difficult to do when you declutter?” use the hashtags #BDJRendezvous #DeclutterYourLife

Option 02: Snap a photo of one item that you never use but can’t let go and tell us why in your caption. Use the hashtags #BDJRendezvous #DeclutterYourLife

Option 03: What’s in your bag? Share with us a photo of the daily items inside your bag. In the caption, tell us how you keep your bag organized. Use the hashtags #BDJRendezvous #DeclutterYourLife #BDJWhatsInYourBag

Don’t forget to set your post to public and tag our social media accounts

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