Join the BDJ Rendezvous: Woman Up!

Start the year right and become the woman you want to be this 2017! Join us as we present the BDJ RENDEZVOUS: Woman Up! This coming February 11, 2017 at the 2L Atrium, ThePodium from 1:00PM to 5:00PM!
Tackling the topics that would equip you with self-awarenessto battle insecurities and unrealistic stereotypes in the modern day.
– Expressing oneself through style
– Pursuing an active lifestyle
– Unlocking your potential
– Leading with an impact
Invite Mechanic Options:
1. Blog about your #PerksOfABella coupon experience at’s Bella Blogs page.
2. Fill out and post your Dream Board page from your BDJ Planner 2017. Get creative!
3. Share the event flyer and answer the question: “What stereotype would you want to break away from this 2017?”
NOTE: Only 16 years old and above with BDJ Planner/LifestyleCardholder will be allowed to join this event.
See you there, Bellas!

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    Yay! Excited much! ❤❤

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    Hi, good day! I would like to participate at the upcoming BDJ RENDEZVOUS: Woman Up! Are there any requirements aside from BDJ Planner/LifestyleCardholder? Sorry, I’m just a first timer to attend the event made for Bellas.

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    joined hope to be invited

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    The “stereotype” I want to break away this 2017 was a negative thinker. I want to become a good and positive vibes

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    Done posting my dream board.. Hope to get an invite.. :) #happyBella

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    excited much. !

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    Submitted by entry :) Hoping to get an invite <3

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    Hope i get an invite! :)

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    I am a wallflower, weak , dependent and inferior.

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    BDJ Rendezvouz, ilovebdj, woman up

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    Hope to get invited :)