PRE-REGISTER NOW for the 8TH BDJ FAIR: Rise above the waves!


The Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is made specially for the Pinay fashionista achiever—the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, and makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

Empowering Filipinas for 10 years now, BDJ has evolved into a tight-knit community of 60,000 members, who love to engage and interact with each other.

Now on our 11th year, we continue with our mission to make a difference in the lives of Filipinas by encouraging them to have an unshakeable trust in their hearts so they can overcome the waves of life and push themselves forward—without fear, without limitations!

So this coming October 16th, mark your calendars as we launch our 11th edition of BDJ Power Planner at our biggest annual fund-raising event for the advocacies we support—the 8th BDJ Fair: Rise Above the Waves!


And gain access to the talks, special lootbags, and exclusive VIP booth activities!

Part of the proceeds will be given to our supported foundations around the country.

VIP Pass Inclusions:

  • 2 talks of your choice
  • BDJ Fair Special Activites
  • BDJ Planner Customization

Choose 2 talks from our exciting lineup.
(Note that the slots for talks are on a first-come-first-served basis)

  • 1:00  PM     Pushing Yourself Further – CLOSED
  • 2:05  PM     Empowering Yourself to Succeed – CLOSED
  • 3:10  PM     Spreading Hope a Bottle at a Time
  • 4:15  PM     Embracing a Flawless Beauty
  • 5:20  PM     Inspiring Happiness Within
  • 6:25  PM     Heading Out and Making an Impact


What’s new in this year’s BDJ Fair? Learn more about arts, crafts and goal setting HERE!


Ready to register for your VIP Pass?


Not yet ready to register your VIP Pass? PRE-REGISTER BELOW. 

Note: The slots for talks are on a first-come-first-served basis and payment will be at the event venue.

Want to enjoy over 20 free booth activities? PRE-REGISTER HERE FOR FREE!

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  1. Can I buy another ticket for a friend of mine?

  2. Excited for the event ?

  3. Hi Elsa, yes. You can send it as a gift. :)

  4. Can I pre-reg a friend?

  5. Hi, you can only purchase a VIP pass for a friend and tick on the send as gift. Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    What will be the difference if pre-register as VIP vs regular pre-register?


  7. Is this event ONLY for girls only??( AVAIL THE BDJ FAIR VIP PASS BUNDLE FOR ONLY PHP 200) To avail for this is for ONLy girls only???

  8. I already made payment. What do I do now? Do I need to send copy of deposit slip?

  9. Hi BDJ! I’ve already paid for the VIP ticket bu no confirmation was sent if my payment was received or verified. thank you!

  10. Hi Van! Regular pre-register is for free. You only have an access to our booth area. :) For VIP Pass pre-registered, you have to pay P200.00 and you can enjoy the following perks: 2 talks of your choice, access to the special booth activities, special lootbag and customization of your BDJ Planner. Thanks!

  11. Hi Marie and Erika! Please validate your payment and wait for an email from our team with your confirmed talks and final reminders. Thanks!

  12. Can I pre-reg my husband?

  13. Hi i purchased 3 vip passes but didnt tick the gift bix. How can i send it to my friends?

  14. is the 2017 BDJ planner available during the event?

  15. Hi Nadj! Yes. :)

  16. Hi Monique! Our team will be sending you an email soon to confirm the details of your friends. Thanks! :)

  17. Hi,

    Will the VIP pass be available on the day of the event? Thanks.

  18. Hi! Is it possible for me to bring my 1yr old son in the talk? I’m going to carry him anyway and I’ll make sure that he will not cry or make such noise. :D

  19. How do I pre-register as a VIP? The one where I can pay P200 on the the event itself :)

  20. Hi Barbra! You can pre-register by clicking on the “PRE-REGISTER FOR THE BDJ FAIR HERE” button in this page. Thanks!

  21. Hi Francesca! Kids are allowed in the Booth Area only. Thanks!

  22. Hi Tina! Yes, you may pre-register for the VIP Pass here Thanks!

  23. Hi! I would like to pre-register for this coming event. Hope you’ll grant my request :)

  24. I already pd for the 2 talks thru dragon pay. they confirmed that im.paid.
    so I will also registered for the free pass

  25. Hi, please register me for the VIP Pass for Php 200 and my 3 sons for regular pass (free entrance), Alain, Jean Mikail and Eligio III. Thank you.

  26. Hi Aileen, Please click on the “PRE-REGISTER FOR THE BDJ FAIR HERE” button in this link to pre-register for the VIP PASS. and click on the “JOIN US IN THE BDJ FAIR ACTIVITIES”buttono in this link for the Regular pass. Thanks!

  27. Dragonpay
    10:07 PM (23 hours ago)

    to me

    Payment Confirmation

    Congratulations! This is to confirm that your payment has been completed.

    Reference No LK99CUM4
    Channel SM Retail
    Merchant Viviamo! Inc
    Amount PHP 200.00
    Merchant TxnId 59091
    Status SUCCESS
    Remarks [000] SMR Payment Auto Validated on 10/2/2016 10:07:28 PM #LK99CUM4
    Description For over the counter and credit card payments.

  28. Hi BDJ, made my payment yesterday :) Already got dragonpay payment confirnation, will just be expecting email from your team right? :) So excited!!! Been missing bdj events these past few months due to busy sched, really looking forwad for this event!! Love lots! Are you accepting applicants? ?

  29. Hi,

    This is my first time to attend if ever. What time is the event.

    Indeednewlife :)

  30. Hi Karla, Yup. Please expect an email from us. Thanks!

  31. Hi BDJ :) i paid last Oct. 3 and i got payment confirmation from dragonpay right away. But did not received email confirmation drom your end yet, i just like to check if i completed the VIP pass registration? Sooooo excited for this event!!! ;)

  32. I already paid for a vip pass last sept 20. No email of confirmation nor ticket sent. Thank you

  33. I’d love to attend the event and listen to the talks; however, I’m in Zamboanga city. Is it possible if I can obtain a video copy of the talks? I’ll be paying for the required fees. (Hoping and crossing fingers)

  34. Hi BDJ! I’ve already have a Email Confirmation for the VIP tickets.But I still don’t have email confirmation for the 2 talks!

  35. hi, i just registered for a vip pass and would love to avail of the customized planner. How will I go about this? thank you.

  36. Looking forward to be part again of the event, and of course to get a new wonderful planner from BDJ.

  37. Looking forward to this event and to my new BDJ Planner.

  38. Hi,
    What will be the difference if pre-register as VIP vs online pre-register VIP?
    May I know what if I avail the pre-register as VIP and pay on the day itself?

  39. Hi!
    I am so excited to witness and experience this particular event! Should I expect an email for the confirmation?
    Thank you! :)

  40. Can we pay it during the events

  41. Hi! I paid for the Smyth planner and 2 VIP passes thru my paypal. Shall I expect a confirmation from you or shall I send an email to you? I haven’t received a confirmation or details for my planner and passes yet. Please advise. Thank you!

  42. Hi :)
    Good day. Is it possible if I could avail both the Regular pre-register for my sister and VIP Pass pre-registered for myself using this same account.
    Thank you,

  43. Hi Bellas! Is the “PRE-ORDER FOR VIP PASS: Customized Belle de Jour Power Planners” already includes a VIP pass to the event or should I still need to pay a separate fee for that? Thank you for those who will answer.

  44. Hi Shiela, This doesnot include the VIP Pass. You can purchase your VIP Pass here Thanks!

  45. Hi Anica, your sister should have her own account to register for the Free Regular Pass. Thanks!

  46. Hi Iceybs! Our team will be sending you an email soon. Thanks for your patience!

  47. Hi Jayson! Yes, we’ll be accepting walk-ins. Thanks!

  48. Hi Lourdes. Yes. Thanks! :)

  49. Hi Dianne, please go to this link to order your customized planner Thanks!

  50. Hi BDJ!

    May I know when will the Customized Leather Planner be available? I’m doing my pre-order today for delivery sana because I can’t pick up the planner on your event kaso it says na not yet available. Looking forward for your response. Cheers! :)

  51. hi bdj team… i just wanna ask whats the difference between the 200 pesos vip pass from the 1500 pesos vip pass? thank u!

  52. when will be the email for talks be available?

  53. hi can i pay vip pass on the event day? thanks

  54. ilovebdj


    I got the Dragonpay confirmation last week, but so far no word yet on the ticket. Don’t know what to expect next, because there’s no process guideline to base on. I would love to order the BDJ planner online too but seeing how difficult it is to transact with the BDJ team online, might as well buy it from the bookstore.

  56. Hi! Can I register for a VIP Pass on the day itself? Thanks :)

  57. Hi BDJ,

    I already placed my pre order and Dragon pay successfully processed my payment but I have not received any email from you to confirm that you already received my payment. Just want to ask what will be my proof that I can claim my planner at the bdj fair? Please reply thanks!

  58. hello bdj,. If I already paid for VIP Pass through Dragon Pay.. need ko pa po ba to pre-register my VIP PASS? thanks for the reply

  59. see u

  60. Hi Bellas! I pre-registered VIP pass and paid P200 online. Are you gonna send confirmation for the payment? or my name will just be included in the list? thanks

  61. Hi! I just want to clear things <3 (: It's about the "BDJ Planner Customization" I'm planning to pre-order some planner, I just want to ask if you're going to sell planner on 16th? and what Customization are you referring? Thanks <3 Looking forward to reply on my queries (:

  62. After pre-registration what’s next? Do we need to print the email and bring it on the event for payment?

  63. Yes, planners will be available for sale at the event. Only the BDJ Planners can be customized. Customization — print of your name on your planner.

  64. No need. :) See you!

  65. Hi abby. Yes :)

  66. May I ask, what if I’m not able to get my planners in the event due to some personal reasons, what will happen then to my orders? Thank you so much.

  67. Hi, I got 2 gift VIP passes for my friends and 1 for me.
    I didn’t receive any email confirmation for it.
    What do I do?

  68. having issues with site purchase.need to get 2 vip tickets please. for talks 4 and 5 please.

  69. Hi… I pre-registered for the VIP pass and pre-ordered a customized bdj planner for vip pass. I made the payment for the bdj planner the same day I ordered via fund transfer to dragonpay. But I didn’t get a confirmation message for the payment of the planner. Do I need to pay additional fees on the fair?

  70. HI BDJ! I purchased 2 VIP Tickets for me and my sister.. however, my lola past away and we will not be able to attend the event.. is that ok if will give the tickets to other friends but will ask them to customize the planner for us?

  71. cant we pre register tonight, i have a friend who just decided to come with. is the pre registration closed?

  72. Hi Ancelle, pre-registration was closed already when you we’re trying to register. :) Hope you we’re still able to attend the event last Sunday :)