Join us at the 8TH BDJ FAIR: Rise above the waves!

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Comments (63)

  1. I’m excited!!! How to avail the pass? :)

  2. OMG!! I can’t wait this will one of my first BDJ Fair ever!!! Better save the date now!

  3. OMG!!! Its my 4th BDJ fair this year and I think this is again going to be awesome! <3

  4. OMG! How to get a pass po? Will the 2016/2017 planner also be available on the event? I lost mine po ee. Thank you.

  5. Hi Andy, we’ll open registrations really soon! :) Products that will be available at the event will be our 2017 products. Thanks! :D

  6. Hi Guys,

    What time is 8th BDJ Fair on the 16th?

  7. Im excited for this!

  8. Hi! I’m clicking “here” to pre-register however it just refreshes the page. Am I registered already? Please confirm. Thank you, BDJ!

  9. Cant wait for this event!!

  10. hi i pre register for bdjfair
    i chose 2 talk slot
    1:00 PM Pushing Yourself Further
    2:05 PM Empowering Yourself to Succeed
    which i will pay at the event

  11. Hi Andy! If you wish to pre-register for this event please click on the pink button which says “Join us in the BDJ Fair Activities” Thanks! :D

  12. Hi Azzenav, we’ll open at 10am :)

  13. So excite for this. Especially i’m with my friend Zarah. I met her on one of bdj event and from them on we always catch up on each other :)

  14. Hi! I registered for 2 talks and already paid Php200 through dragonpay. Do I get a confirmation from you regarding my VIP pass on the 2 talks? or do I just go there and you have my name registered?

  15. Want to get my first bdj planner! ?? soo excited for the activities.

  16. Hi Mary! Our team will be sending you an email soon re your confirmed talks and the final reminders. Thanks! :)

  17. It’s my first time to go the fair. How can I secure a pass? Thanks to the respondents.

  18. Can I bring my 1yr old baby inside the booths? I’m going to carry him all the time anyway. No one can take care of him except me so I have no choice but to bring him.

  19. Hi Francesca! Yes babies are allowed in the booths area only. thanks! :)

  20. Hi Jeralyn! You have 3 options to join, either pay online for the VIP Pass, pay on the day for the VIP Pass or Register for the free regular pass. In this page you can see links which will lead you to each of the options to join. Thanks! :)

  21. hi i pre register for bdjfair
    i chose 2 talk slot
    1:00 PM Pushing Yourself Further
    2:05 PM Empowering Yourself to Succeed
    which i will pay at the event
    thank you!

  22. Lets!

  23. joined

  24. Hi Aileen! Please click on the “PRE-REGISTER FOR THE BDJ FAIR HERE” button in this link to pre-register. Thanks!

  25. hi I already paid for this event.
    thru dragonpay . they already confirm that im paid.will I still bring my planner thankyou

  26. I would like to avail the BDJ Fair VIP Pass Bundle for Php 200 and attend the 2 talks as follows:
    1:00pm and 2:05pm.Also, kindly register my sons, Alain, Jean Mikail and Eligio Junio III for free entrance. Thank you.

  27. Done paying via paypal last sept 28 but no feedback yet

  28. Hi, is it possible to change the talk registered in the VIP pass?

  29. Hi! I’m so excited for this event that I tried the online purchase from the website. However, I do not have a paypal account. Is there another mean for me to pay? Thank you so much! :D

  30. Hi, I would like to pre-register for this event.
    Will I be able to attend one of the talks even if I I just register for the free pass?

  31. This will be my first time if in case & I am sure this won’t be my last!
    Love to inpore & be inspired by my fellow Bella’s!

  32. hi! Can I bring my pamangkin? She is 11 years 0ld? THANKS

  33. hi bdj nk pay n ko for 2 talks
    puede b ulit mag pay for another 2,talks thankyou.

  34. Hi Angel! :) Yes.

  35. Kids are only allowed in the BDJ Fair Booth Area. Thanks! :D

  36. 5years a bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Please pre register me. thanks

  38. Joining

  39. Can I bring someone with me or she should pre registered too? Thanks!

  40. See you!

  41. ?

  42. What time will the event start? Its my First time to attend this, Excited much ^_^

  43. Hi BDJ,

    Is the event free for BDJ card holder?

  44. Hello ilovebdj, I pre-ordered petit planner 2017. Would like to ask since there is shipping address, is this also for delivery? Since I can’t go to SM MOA this Oct 16.

  45. Hi Angelica, Free entrance in the BDJ Fair Booth Area. More details about the event here Thanks!

  46. Hi Lena, event will start at 10am. Thanks!

  47. Hi Kaylee, please ask your friend to pre-register too. Thanks!

  48. Hello! I just wanted to get the planner at the special price… Do I need to register and how? :)

  49. Exited for this Sunday!!

  50. what time is the start of the event or the booths?

  51. Hi, I have plans for this day so will just drop by to pick up the planner. Do I still need to register? And I would like to pick up early in the morning then go about doing the rest of my errands. What time can I do so? Thanks!

  52. Hi, I already placed my order of the 2017 BDJ planner online ?

  53. Hi, I already placed my order of 2017 BDJ planner online ?

  54. i cant find the free pre-registration? is it once im logged in, its already signed up? there’s no confirmation.. it always lead me to VIP :(


  56. I’m excited. :)

  57. Hi! How come I can’t open the page for pre-registration? :(

  58. Joining :)

  59. How can I register for the VIP passes and purchase customized planners? Thank you!

  60. Hi I’m interested how to join?

  61. How to register?