Join us for BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered!

This coming September 17, 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, at Conti’s Greenbelt 2, learn how to be body beautiful at any age and harness a positive outlook towards your body in a confidence building talk & personality development workshop with Wacoal x BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered!


Option 1: Snap a photo of yourself wearing an outfit that makes you feel empowered and beautiful, and answer the question: “In your own way, how would you promote positive body image?”

Option 2: Post a photo of a moment in your life when you feel most empowered and share to us what you learned from it about yourself.

Option 3: Share the event poster with the caption: “I feel empowered and beautiful with BDJ and Wacoal.”

Don’t forget the following steps after choosing one invite mechanic option:
1. Make sure to set your posts to Public. Tag us in our Facebook: (@Belle de jour Power Planner @PhilippineWacoalCorp). And Instagram or Twitter accounts: @BDJBuzz @wacoalph using the hashtags #BDJPassionSeries #GirlEmpowered.
2. Submit the link of your entries to

Make sure to complete your account details to get a valid entry! See you soon, Bellas!

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  1. I would love to attend this kind of workshop. Confidence and Personality Development Workshol will help me a.lot.

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  41. Would really want to attend BDJ. Hope to score an invite from you please.

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