Payment Options


    When paying for your orders, you can choose between these 2 payment portals!


    When paying through Paypal/Credit Card, please expect and email confirmation that your payment has pushed through 🙂

    When paying through Dragonpay, please expect an email with the ff. information:

        • Account information
        • Instructions on how to proceed with payment
        • Time limit of when you can pay (Please pay a day before the deadline because validation of payments take 24 hrs.)

        – Please always remember to VALIDATE your payments with Dragonpay or else our system will not process your orders. If you’ve validated your payment beyond the time limit set by Dragonpay, please contact them 🙂

        Below is a chart showing which payment facilities are supported by Dragonpay.

      • Legend:
        M – Supports Micropayments Plan
        NV – No manual validation required for these channels
        SV – Simple validation required (online encoding of certain payment details)
        RT – Real-time or near real-time (5 to 10 mins lag)
        SD – Same day processing (usually at end of day)
        ND – Next day processing


    • Additional Notes:
      1. For Cebuana, amounts less than P1,500 are processed in real-time via PeraPal. Amounts more than P1,500 are process by batch next day using the standard biller mechanism.
    • 2. BDO OTC Cash Deposit with Reference No carries an extra P25 surcharge to end-users and does not require manual validation.
    • 3. BPI OTC Bills Payment carry an extra P50 surcharge to end-users.
    • 4. RCBC Online Banking has a surcharge of P5.00 to end-users.
    • 5. RCBC Commercial Bank and RCBC Savings Bank OTC bills payment has a surcharge of P25.00 to end-users.
    • 6. BPI ExpressOnline Bills Payment has a surcharge of P5.00 to end-users.
    • 7. M. Lhuillier has a surcharge of P20.00 to end-user for first P30k. Then its P30.00 for every P30k thereafter.
    • 8. PNB OTC Bills Payment has a surcharge of P25 to end-users.
    • 9. Security Bank OTC Bills Payment has a surcharge of P50 to end-users.
    • 10. Landbank Online (E-PaymentPortal) payments has a surcharge of P10 to end-users.
    • 11. Landbank OTC Bills Payment has a surcharge of P50 to end-users.
    • 12. ECPay outlets include more than 2,000 remittance centers, department stores, selected Western Union outlet, selected Tambunting pawnshops, ExpressPay, CVM Pawnshop, Ever Superstores, VIA Express, Natasha, Marikina Shoe Exchange, selected Petron gas stations, and many more.
    • 13. PNBRemit, Ventaja-PayRemit, and Skyfreight are international OTC facilities targeting Filipinos living in Asia, Middle East, Western Europe and North America. Most Metrobank Remittance branches abroad can be served through Ventaja-PayRemit.
    • 14. 7-Eleven is available selectively. Please contact us for details.
    • 15. Globe Telco Operator Billing for prepaid and postpaid is available to selected merchants selling digital contents only.