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If you’ve already started improving your lifestyle this year by committing to exercising and eating right, then you’re on the right track. We feel you when it gets tough, but we know you can do it! Be inspired by these 10 women who have rockin’ bods and are definitely #fitnessgoals. 

 Lexi Gancayco (@lexi_gancayco), Boom Sason (@boomsason), and Yessa Yu-Caparas (@yessayu)

1. Yessa Yu-Caparas (@yessayu)
Yessa Yu-Caparas is an Indoor Cycling Instructor at Electric Studio and a Travel Consultant at A2A Journeys. Not only does she have an amazing bod, but great style too!


A photo posted by Yessa Yu Caparas (@yessayu) on

2. Lissa Kahayon (@lissakahayon)
Lissa Kahayon is a top Fashion, Travel and Fitness Blogger. She may have started with fashion blogging, but we love seeing her fitness posts as well. 


A photo posted by Lissa Kahayon (@lissakahayon) on

3. Boom Sason (@boomsason)
Boom Sason is a Fashion Designer known for her sexy designs, which make her a favorite among celebs such as Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, and Lovi Poe. She is also one hot momma with a bod to die for, which is why she looks great in her designs too. 


A photo posted by Boom Sason (@boomsason) on

4. Marjorie Marcelo (@marjmarcelo)

Marjorie Marcelo is a Calisthenics trainer for Calibarzzz and is part of Adidas Philippines Women’s Fit Squad. Doesn’t she make pull-ups look easy?


A photo posted by marjmarcelo (@marjmarcelo) on

5. Lexi Gancayco (@lexi_gancanyco)
Lexi Gancayco is an Indoor Cycling Instructor for Ride Revolution who proves that you can be tough but feminine at the same time. She looks sexy in both workout gear and dresses.


A photo posted by Lexi Gancayco (@lexi_gancayco) on

6. Camila Labog (@senoritacamila)
Camila Labog is into yoga, surfing, diving, skating, and rock climbing. No wonder she has that enviable toned physique!


A photo posted by Camila Labog (@senoritacamila) on

7. Nikki Torres (@nkitorres)
Nikki Torres is a Fitness Designer, Yoga Teacher, and the creator of NT Sweat, a Toning + Dance Cardio Workout. Follow her lead and try one of her workouts at home.

8. Tracianne Estrada (@tracianne)
Tracianne or An Estrada is the founder of Float Swimwear, a line of flirty yet functional swimwear that you can take from the beach to a night out with friends. If you’ve got it, flaunt it in swimwear!


A photo posted by AN ♡ (@tracianne) on

9. Trasienne Estrada (@trasienne)
Trasienne or En Estrada is the Art Director of Float Swimwear, and is An Estrada’s equally gorgeous twin. Don’t they make you want to shop for swimwear right about now?


A photo posted by Trasienne Estrada (@trasienne) on

10. Samantha Richelle (@samrichelle)
Samantha Richelle is a Fashion Designer and another hot momma on this list. There’s no denying she’s a bombshell who can also pass as a model.


A photo posted by Samantha Richelle (@samrichelle) on

You can be a #fitspiration too, so don’t ever give up on getting that stronger and better body you’ve always wanted. Stay focused, ladies!

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  1. Those abs make me envious..

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