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We give you a peek at the fab life of beauty influencer Gen-zel Habab!

How do you plan your week ahead?
On Sundays since Monday is the start of the week for me, I double check emails and what’s in my planner for that week’s schedule like what days do I have events and days where I can just stay at home. When I’m not in events and I don’t have makeup clients, I’m either running errands or working on backlogs (blogs and videos). I love being productive. I have to-do list every day.

How do you prioritize your to-do list with daily/weekly commitments/tasks?
If have deadlines, I put them on top of my list. Then I check what’s trending or important events/holidays for that week so I can align my blogposts and videos.

What’s the best way to start the week?
I’m going back to working out (gym or cycling class) so I want my week with a nice workout. My endorphins help me boost my mood so I’m ready to face the week ahead.

Tell us about your morning routine. What gets you pumped up in the morning?
I work at night so my routine is a little different. My full time job ends at 9 in the morning so I healthy breakfast is important for me so I’m prepared for the day.

How do you take your breaks on a typical weekday?
Replying to my followers/readers/viewers on blog, youtube, and social media. I also like to sing or play music with my guitar.

What’s your go to night cap?
I love watching YouTube videos or an episode from a KDrama series.

What’s the best way to spend Friday night?
Dinner with friends!

How do you relax on weekends?
I normally get a massage because I think I deserve it! :D or just pampering myself at home (facial masks and changing my nail polish).

The Bellas would love to know how you plan your awesome beauty looks. Tell us your beauty secrets. Do share. :)
I have my “To-review or To-blog” list so it normally depends on the products / makeup I want to try. Skincare is very important for me. When I don’t have event to attend do, I normally go out with bare face so I want to keep my skin healthy and flawless as much as possible. Be positive. I love to inspire people.

Gen-zel’s 5 Planning Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Plan your week.
I believe in the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I was a come-what-may person before and it ruined my goals. Planning helps you accomplish important things and allows yourself some free time.  Don’t be always on a rush and take time to breathe.

Tip 2: Try your best to live a healthy lifestyle.
Not only that it can improve your health and well being but whenever you feel good about yourself (you’re happy with what you eat, you love your body, etc.), it boosts your self-confidence and makes you conquer your fears.

Tip 3: Have time with your friends.
I know you love to hustle and reach your goals but don’t forget the people around you. Happiness and success is best when shared with the people you love.

Tip 4: Keep your space clean.
I shared with you guys my beauty and office room tour in one of my recent YouTube videos. I have a very small space at home. Keeping it clean and organized helps me to be more productive and positive with work.

Tip 5: Review how you did this week
Reward yourself for the big things you accomplished and keep an eye with what you still need to work on so you can effectively plan for coming week. Remember, “Your future is what you do today, not tomorrow. – Robert Kiyosaki” So stop wasting your days.

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