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We give you a peek at the fab life of Beauty Explorer, model and all-around cool-girl Remy Tongol!

How do you plan your week ahead?
First I try to see if there any events, appointments or castings scheduled ahead so I know how to plan my week around them. They’re usually sporadic so I keep my schedule flexible and rearrange weekly tasks if necessary.

How do you prioritise your to-do list with daily/weekly commitments/tasks?
I prioritise my weekly to-do list around what is important the most. Whether big or small, their rank on my list will change during the week depending on how important they are. I usually prioritise castings over filming or editing videos for Youtube.

What’s the best way to start the week?
COFFEE! Can’t start without it! And reflecting on my goals that way I feel more intentional in creating a productive week.

Tell us about your morning routine. What gets you pumped up in the morning?
My morning routine varies depending what’s scheduled for the day. On work days, what gets me pumped is getting on set before call time. But on regular days, I like to take the time to practice gratitude so that the day snowballs into positivity. Oh and a good cup of coffee! ;)

How do you take your breaks on a typical weekday?
If there’s not shoot, I enjoy breaks watching TV shows or taking long naps. If products are sent to me, I’d test them out and plan flatlay posts for the week. If they’re makeup, I’ll try to create looks with them. 

What’s your go to night cap?
I browse through social media and stumble on videos that either make me laugh or reflect on life. I can be pretty deep sometimes. 

What’s the best way to spend Friday night?
Most Friday nights, I like to spend it at home and have a walk at night with my husband through an open park with lots of food and live music. Or have a date night somewhere nice. 

How do you relax on weekends?
Sometimes I work on the weekends or spend it on catching up writing product reviews. But I usually like to enjoy them with my hubby eating at our favourite spots or watch a movie in the theatre. I’m a really chill person. I like enjoying simple things, especially if I’ve had a long week. :) 

The Bellas would love to know how you plan your awesome beauty looks. Tell us your beauty secrets. Do share. :)
I plan my looks on how I want to feel. Most of the time, I like to feel fresh and awake so I always go for skincare and a “no makeup” look. But I tend to enhance more of my brows and put on a bold lip color because I express them the most!

Remy’s 3 Planning Tips & Tricks

I try to plan my weeks with this in mind, because obviously I’m still learning:

“We need to get into the habit of purposely making time for the things we need to do to become WHO WE WANT TO BE.”

~Arriane Serafico

So far I’ve learned the following that has helped me:

  1. Set your goal for the week.
    This helps me clearly set my intentions on accomplishing daily tasks to reach my goal by the end of the week, be it getting another TVC gig or uploading a video.
  2. Create a smaller to-do list.
    It may seem funner to cross out tasks on longer to-do lists but I always found myself giving up on “so much to do” by the end of the day. So I learnt to cut my list down from 15 items to about 4, beginning from what needs more attention to the easier tasks. Small daily wins makes weekly goals easier to accomplish. This way I can make more time for quality in my work and family! 
  3. Take a break!
    It’s easy to get caught up in work and forget to take a break. Resting not only reenergises the body but it also refreshes the mind. I feel that creativity flows better as new ideas flood in, especially when I’m editing a video! 

I guess that’s it for now, there will be more in the future as I continue to learn and grow. But I hope that everything I’ve shared helps!

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