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How do you plan your week ahead?

I make sure I plot everything I need to do/attend in my calendar the moment it comes up so I don’t miss anything.

How do you prioritize your to-do list with daily/weekly commitments or tasks?

are things that must be done daily, like my wellness regimen. I make sure I set aside time for it daily. I also focus on stuff that have earlier deadlines and minimize my social media time.

 What’s the best way to start the week?

Best way to start the week is by sunbathing and doing my devotionals by the pool.

Tell us about your morning routine. What gets you pumped up in the morning?

MUSIC! If I’m feeling lousy, I play some upbeat funk instrumentals to get me started. And then I take a shot of apple cider vinegar instead of espresso!

How do you take breaks on a typical weekday?
I work from home so my break would be to read an article, watch a documentary, or get some air in an open-space. 

What’s your go-to nightcap?

Hot tea.

What’s the best way to spend Friday night?

Relaxing at home, ordering in, and having some best amigas over while watching preachings, documentaries, or cat videos.

 How do you relax on the weekends?

Spend time with the family and getting a massage. 

The Bellas would love to know how you plan your awesome looks. Can you share your fashion/beauty secrets?

Just know your body type and start from there! Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match your clothes. They’re meant to be worn more than once, that’s why there’s a washing machine! LOL! 

Stacy’s top five planning tips

  1. Have a notebook where you can just jot down everything you need to do.
  2. Download the app on your phone. This helpful in making sure you do what you need to do by setting alarms on each to-do item with notifications and reminders.
  3. Research! Use Google to your advantage. Whatever it is you’re planning for, there are so many resources online for info on restaurants, shows, weather, food, etc.
  4. Call ahead. It’s good to be sure. Call the establishment before visiting and make reservations if necessary, or book tickets to a show online.
  5. Bring smaller money bills. Sometimes, having to look for a place to get money changed an be a hassle, so it’s better to be ready for anything with smaller bills!

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