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Caramel, tan, morena—these are just some of the ways you can describe naturally beautiful brown Pinay skin. I love how more and more women have decided to embrace their natural skin color and celebrate the innate sexiness that this skin color brings to the already gorgeous Filipina. I’m a morena girl myself and have never felt the need to go lighter.

Given this sun-kissed skin tone, how do you highlight it even more? Well, with the right hair color, of course! Our skin’s underlying shades are usually more on the yellow or orange side, and not so much on the pink. Our hair, on the other hand, has red undertones. This explains why we have a hard time achieving cooler hair colors like ash since our hair naturally comes out with red tones when lightened.

Given these factors, which hair colors look good on morena skin? I say any color that brightens up your face or makes you look more vibrant or glowing—like the sun is always shining on you.

1. Golden/Ash Brown or Blonde


This is the easiest and most natural option, as sported by Hollywood celebs such as J. Lo and Jessica Alba. These colors naturally highlight morena skin.

2. Caramel Highlights


Like model Rocky Barnes, you can take your golden/ash brown or blonde further and add caramel highlights for more depth. I especially love light brown/blonde highlights since these make you look like you just came from a fabulous beach vacation.

3. Black



Take it from Selena Gomez. Black, shiny hair looks awesome against tan skin. Going very light, as in platinum blonde, can still look good as it calls to mind beach babes with natural sun-and-beach-induced highlights, but upkeep will take a lot of work, and, not to mention, the bleach damage! Red hair and orange undertones like copper or mahogany might look better on cool skin tones and not so much on warm morena skin as these have the tendency to make our skin tone look sallow.

The truth is, morena skin (or any other skin tone) can look great with any hair color as long as you can commit to the upkeep of having colored hair. This means color maintenance and conditioning treatments. If you feel like going pink, or blue, or purple, I say go ahead if you have the bold personality to match!

The bottom line is, as long as you have healthy skin, glossy hair (dry, damaged hair looks bad no matter what hair color you have), and a happy, confident aura, then you’ll look great no matter what skin or hair color you might have.

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