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Preparing your own food sure does come out healthier and cheaper and that only means: more savings!!! 

I am a fan of #eatingclean, but I must admit it’s pretty hard to prepare and cook your family’s food on a daily basis especially when you’re schedule’s pretty tight and because of that, like for most people I know, the tendency is to opt for fast food. But if you are willing to spare a few minutes in the weekend or at night, meal prepping shouldn’t turn out to be another boring chore. Read on to get some tips!

1. Start with a menu

Moms do really know what’s best! I remember my mom telling me that before heading out to the grocery, aside from the list, you should also have an idea of dishes you plan to cook for the next few days. In that way, you have an idea of the items needed and won’t go beyond your marketing budget. Figure out your menu for the week and base your plan of action from there. Those that needs cooking and heavy prepping: do on a weekend, etc.

2. Chop veggies in advance

We are truly blessed here in the Philippines to have kasambahays who can help us prep our ingredients on the day we plan to cook, but this tip will come in handy for those living alone in their condos or staying in their dorms during the weekday. Chop the veggies you will need for the meals you plan to cook, stash them in food containers and keep them fresh in the fridge. We all know that these takes the most time in cooking. Prepping your veggies say during the weekend, will surely makes things easier for you when the heavy workweek comes.

3. Roast different veggies with same cooking time

I got this from my BFF Nicole Hernandez – De Los Angeles, I always love hanging in her house haha! Whenever I’m there for dinner and drinks, i see her toss all of her veggies in a tray, sprinkle olive oil and in it goes in the oven. She says this is the lazy girl’s way of cooking, I say this is the smart way of getting things done! Paired with roast chicken, her veggies are pretty tasty! Just don’t forget to group the fast roasting from the slow roasting veggies together.

4. Make portions clear and organized

Portion you’re fave nuts and nibblers in portable food containers or ziplocks for the perfect grab and go baons! Space saving, cost efficient, and even a great way for portion control!

5. Opt for overnight oats/ instant oatmeal jar

My husband and I treat overnight oats as our go to breakfast option for days when my calltime for a shoot is just a bit ridic or when he plans to beat the morning traffic! All we do is put all ingredients in a mason jar the night before, keep in the fridge and grab soon as we’re ready to hit the road! Do check out recipes online for quick and easy ideas!

6. Ziplock smoothie ingredients

Smoothies make me happy, most especially after an amazing workout. To avoid getting stuck in the prep zone, gather all your ingredients, toss in a ziplock, label, and store in the freezer. So all you need is to bring out your preferred smoothie for the day, add almond milk, and blend away!

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