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One of the best makeup recommendations of Max Factor’s Bobby Carlos is the Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation. “It’s great for girls with acidic skin,” he told me. If you have acidic skin, it means that makeup—from foundation to lipstick—reacts by becoming lighter or darker after you apply it on your skin.

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Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation, P925 (30 ml)

As the BDJ Beauty Minister with semi-acidic skin (must be all the coffee I drink!), I was glad to see a few sachets of the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation in BDJ’s December beauty box. I put it to the test immediately.

1. Bobby was right. It IS perfect for acidic and semi-acidic skin. There was no reactive change in color upon application, and even hours later.
2. It has a matte finish, so I didn’t worry about oil-blotting or extra powdering right after.
3. As promised, it worked well as a primer, concealer, and foundation in one. It cut down my makeup time in half.
4. As a concealer, it worked well in hiding my dark under eyes and other facial discolorations.
5. There are 14 shades to choose from.
6. The thin but even coverage is perfect for day-to-night use.
7. For a 3-in-1 product, the price of P925 is reasonable.

1. Because it has a matte finish, it tends to make the skin look parched. I wouldn’t recommend this for girls with very dry skin. (I have normal skin.)
2. The formula was a bit difficult to spread using just my fingers. I suggest you use a foundation brush or wet sponge with this foundation.
3. For stage performers or those looking for a runway-like coverage, this isn’t the formula to use. Try other thicker foundations.

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Have you tried your Max Factor Facefinity samples from your December beauty box yet? Share your comments below or create your own review at our review central.

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