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One playlist, a ton of warm-weather jams.

I’m the kind of girl who can listen to techno for 10 straight hours and then dive straight into Tchaikovsky the morning after. To cut it short: Like everyone who has ever heard music, I love music. I grew up listening to all kinds, and delved into all sorts of genres from my teenage years to present day.

I still spend hours listening to Spotify on random in the background, instantly perking up when I hear an unfamiliar track that I really like. One of my favorite things to do is to construct playlists. Sometimes I create them based on a theme—heartbreak music, for instance. Sometimes I build them around a purpose—techno for workouts, which I’m still putting together now.

This summer, I’m building one around the sound that I associate with the season. This playlist is a mix of groovy beats, danceable tunes, surfer indie, and rich chillwave. Every track in this selection evokes an image of sunshine making the ocean sparkle, sand between my toes, a warm sea breeze, fruity drinks, and good company. It progresses from upbeat and danceable to mellow and contemplative—like the sunset. I’ll be adding to it every time I find something that fits.


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