Kate Alvarez:

Kate Alvarez is a writer, model, and indie film actress. She is a contributing writer for BDJ Box and ilovebdj.com, and has been a loyal Bella since 2007. Read about all her adventures at KateWasHere.com, and follow her on Instagram @replikate and Twitter @k8alvarez. 

Kate Alvarez

Analyn Alzaga: She's often called as Aya and sometimes Anne. She's an active bella since 2008 and still counting. She takes pride in working at a company who values doing the right thing. She loves to read and makes time for volunteering. Catch her up on her blog at ideabilia.com and be her bella friend.

Analyn Alzaga

Mary Grace Aragon: Grace has a sweet and bubbly personality. Being the youngest in her family (having an age gap of 13 years with her siblings), she enjoys interacting with different people of her age. She's a proud mom of an 8 year old kid. She spends her free time with her daughter and close friends. She loves to travel together with her partner. Proud Bella since 2009.

Mary Grace Aragon

Jessa May Castro: Bella since 2011. Name it, I can do it. Prefers to DIY almost everything. Into photography, editing/designing, makeup artistry to baking. A hard-working office buddy. A loving wife and a caring mommy. BDJ let me discover myself and my potentials. It had helped me live the life to the fullest.

Jessa May Castro

Yvette Claudene Diangson: Yvette's Instagram or Facebook posts and color-coded social calendar earns her the statement that "She's everywhere!" or always begs the question, "What is she up to this time?" She sashays through life finding the utmost experience at every step, and pretty determined to try out every adventure there is to it! Books, people, traveling, cuisines, running, teas, pop culture and witnessing lives changed interest her the most.

Yvette Claudene Diangson

Kaycee Enerva: Hello there! I'm Kaycee, also known as KikaySiKat. I'm a vampire who likes to inject wit and humor in my posts. Thanks for stumbling to my virtual home. I write here as both my passion and hobby. My blog title stems from a play of 2 words and my name. Kikay (loves to primp and prettify) and Sikat (popular). Plus my name Kat. I started blogging when I was 13 (kikaypixels.php0.com) hand in hand with web and graphic design. It started as a personal blog but eventually widened the scope to beauty and lifestye. I always dreamed of having a blog that reaches millions worldwide. I'm a narcissistic epistimophiliac (vain knowledge junkie) who wants to look and feel good no matter what! Well besides writing about vanity; I'm also a "closet-geek". I love trying out the latest gadgets especially mobile phones O_O, watching cartoons such as Uncanny X-Men, The Batman, Justice League, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead and a whole lotta more!

Kaycee Enerva

Melissa Javier Cruz: A bella since 2008, Melissa Javier-Cruz rediscovered her love and passion for writing through BDJ. She spends her free time binge-reading and traveling, enjoys the great outdoors, but the beach will forever be her sanctuary. Melissa is first and foremost a wife to her loving husband and secondly a 'mother' to their fluffy Persian cat, Cupcake. She loves chocolate in her coffee and vanilla for cupcakes; and loves all things pink.

Melissa Javier Cruz

Unaiza Garnica: Fueled by passion, driven by love. An analyst by profession and a writer by heart, Aiza loves to take things seriously but never forgets to have fun as well. More than anything else, her relationships matter to her the most. Aside from her personal goals and plans for her family, her ultimate dream is to become a wife and a mother and build a family of her own. 

Unaiza Garnica

Ria Hazel Lumandog: I'm Ria Hazel, a wonderwoman, a banker, writer and a blogger. I believe in wearing my heart on my sleeve and loving without conditions. I enjoy traveling, blogging, taking photos and making the most out of life. I always say challenge accepted in every dare, loves sunsets, enjoys the beach, and passionate about music. You can also catch my sweet adventures at www.sugarsmile.info.

Ria Hazel Lumandog

Nica Mendoza: A top-notch team manager at the number one BPO company who ensures corporate life is balanced with good things that life has to offer. A loving mother to a beautiful 5y/o girl. A clingy lover. Beach-goer. Certified scuba diver. Mother-earth lover. Infrequent Beach Surfer. Future cupcake connoisseur. Young entrepreneur. And, an empowered BDJ bella!

Nica Mendoza

Maurize Peralta: MauriciaRakitera/MauriciaLakwatsera, Yes that’s me! Maurize Peralta, people call me Mauii. Working as executive assistant in an advertising company. A photographer and event stylist and coordinator. She's into blogging (mauiiperry.blogspot.com), crafts, fashion, photography (#CapturedByMauiiPerry), traveling (#MauriciaLakwatsera), baking, hosting and dancing. Mostly of all, I am proud to be a God's Child. Cheers to all independent women out there! Sharing my favourite quote: C’est cela l’amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour (That is love, to give away everything, to sacrifice everything, without the slightest desire to get anything in return.) - Albert Camus

Maurize Peralta

Krystle Pingol: I'm Krystle Marie G. Pingol,  a Licensed Customs Broker and Blogger in between. Planner and memorabilia collector. Loves to dance like there's no one watching. Loves the 80's and 90's music. Frustrated singer and writer. Korean series Fan. Occasional Traveller. Dessert lover. Loves the corporate world. Not your ordinary girl.

Krystle Pingol

Gerilen Tactaquin-Polon: Flying machines I adore while laying out foundation on the floor. Raising boys in a house full of men; writing madness on a wall without a pen. Lipstick I sometimes miss,  full on makeup I might skip... but never a cup of strong beans brewed, and a single entry on my belle de jour! No, I'm not Cherry, I'll never be Jenny. I fancy Mary, but they call me Geri.

Gerilen Tactaquin-Polon

Ann Quioge: Hello! Kumusta! Annyeonghaseyo! (I speak Tagalog, English, and a bit of Korean) I'm Ann. I love pink, makeup, classy clothes, shoes, travel, food, music, movies, tv series, Korea, Japan, colorful pens, gadgets, and internet. I organize and host events (Visit my page facebook.com/PinkDollEvents). If I'm stuck in an apocalyptic situation, I just need my life partner, family, and friends alive...I probably need weapons and medicine, oh and food and wifi...Cheers! ♡

Ann Quioge

Gem Rarela: Gem is, the beauty and brains or technically speaking, the editor of RareVanity.  Blogging since 1999, she often blogs about beauty and makeup and occasionally injects features about her love for coffee, food, lifestyle and basically anything under the sun. Oh, she sometimes posts makeup tutorials on YouTube, too.

Gem Rarela

Kristine Roces: Kristine is a full-time YouTuber and Blogger. Her Youtube and her blog are known as RealAsianBeauty. She is known by her followers as the girl on YouTube that isn't afraid nor ashamed to show her true self. She has been posting about her acne and how she successfully got rid of it. She also posts about K-pop, Makeup, Fashion and Travel Vlogs. Check out her blog and YouTube to find out more about her!

Kristine Roces

Maria Rita Sebastian: Bella since 2008, Rita is a Medical Technologist by profession and a Veteran BDJ Bella by heart. She loves attending BDJ and BDJ Box events as well as making new Bella friends and hanging out with other MVP and Veteran Bellas. She is a pet lover, a regular blood donor, occasional kikay girl who loves to eat, read, sing, dance and is a proclaimed chocoholic.

Maria Rita Sebastian

Katrina Tordilla: Kat is a firm believer in retail therapy and is a self-confessed makeup junkie. When she's not roaming the mall, she likes going on adventures and getting lost in new places by herself. To pass the time, you'll see her reading news articles or books, or probably engrossed in a tv show marathon. To support herself, she works in real estate development for a Filipino conglomerate.

Katrina Tordilla