2024 Everything is Possible Planner

Unlock the potential of your mind, body, and soul with the 2024 Everything Is Possible Planner. Inspired by the profound effects of Solfeggio Frequencies, together with our newest planning and journaling system, the AUMNIPAGES, this planner is more than just a tool for organizing your tasks and appointments. It is a gateway to healing, transformation, and the realization that indeed, everything is possible.




Why you need this

In 2024, the EIP Planner introduces you to the enchanting 417 Hz frequency. This particular frequency is conducive to releasing what no longer serves you, allowing you to let go and welcome change with open arms. It is the gateway to new beginnings, empowering you to embrace a future filled with infinite possibilities.

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More than just a project planner, EIP introduces you to different frequencies that you can listen to for support as you embark on your journey to new possibilities.​ Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds, and let them uplift your spirit, enhance your focus, and inspire your creativity.

  • Aumnipages, your all-in-one planning and journaling system. Our newest design for our 2024 Planners. Taking inspiration from the concept of multitasking, Aumni Pages seamlessly merges planning and notetaking into a single, versatile tool.
  • The very essence of Aumnipages draws from the Universal sound AUM, also known as Om, representing the "Ultimate Reality" in Hindu philosophy. Additionally, the Latin prefix "omni" meaning all, or in all ways, further enhances the encompassing nature of this exceptional planner.
  • With Aumnipages, you no longer have to switch between different mediums. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, cohesive system.

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  • Aumnipages design
  • 12 Monthly Dividers ​
  • 12 Monthly Calendars​
  • 53 Weekly Spreads in vertical layout
  • 12 Monthly Special Pages that feature scannable QR codes to sounds of nature tuned to the healing vibration of 417hz as you embark on your journey to new possibilities

Special Page Sections that help you through:​
  • Vision Setting​
  • Journaling Prompts​
  • Planning Guide​
  • Goal Setting