A Strong Year Bundle

The New Year, New Me Bundle is the perfect companion for a year of positive change and growth.



Why you need this

Embark on a transformative journey into 2024 with our exclusive bundle designed to empower and inspire the best version of yourself. Our carefully curated package combines essential tools to help you set goals, cultivate self-love, practice gratitude, and achieve mindfulness.

What's Inside:

One (1) 2024 BDJ Classic Planner (SRP PRICE: 799):  Immerse yourself in the world of planning with the iconic BDJ Classic Planner. With its timeless design and practical features, the BDJ Classic Planner empowers you to organize your days, set meaningful goals, and turn your dreams into actionable plans.

Dreampowerment Journal of Choice (SRP PRICE 450): Choose from our exclusive collection of Dreampowerment Journals, each catering to a specific aspect of personal development. Whether you're focusing on self-love, gratitude, goal-setting, or mindfulness, our journals are crafted to guide you through transformative exercises and reflections, fostering a positive mindset and encouraging personal growth.

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One (1) Set of Dare to Dream Stickers of Choice (SRP PRICE 399): Unleash your creativity and infuse inspiration into your daily life with our vibrant Dare to Dream Stickers. Personalize your planner and journal with these empowering stickers, turning every page into a canvas of motivation and positivity.

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