CNY Bundle: Manifestation Bundle

Express your dreams, set your goals, and watch as your visions come to life on this curated canvas.



Why you need this
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with our exclusive Chinese New Year Bundle, a harmonious fusion of creativity and functionality that promises to elevate your Vision Board and Scrapbooking experience!

An all-in-one kit designed to transform your aspirations into a visually stunning masterpiece. Dive into a world of creativity with carefully selected materials, ensuring you have everything you need for a transformative vision board journey.

The extra space in the Black Folio ensures you have ample room to let your imagination run wild. Organize memories, document your journey, and create a scrapbook that tells your unique story.

But wait, there's more! Choose from an array of fantastic freebies to complement your bundle:

  • Quest Filler Medium
  • 2024 Calendar Pad
  • VR Goggles