2017 BDJ Petit Planner


3.83 out of 5

Product Description

Colorful and convenient, the 2017 Petit Planner is a follow-up to last year’s popular pint-sized version of the BDJ Power Planner.

Still with BDJ’s Wave concept, this smaller planner, which is entitled “Overcome the Waves,” includes compact special pages and a calendar layout with enough space for quick notes, thoughts and ideas.

Perfect for on-the-go moments, the lightweight Petit Planner also comes with a zippered pocket that acts as your secondary wallet.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    i love how it fits perfectly in my bag, and can carry it everywhere, It is where handy-ness comes with convinience

  2. (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

    I ordered last year’s and this year’s petit planner that’s why I was able to compare the two. It was just a bit disappointing that the pages for ‘notes’ were reduced. Also, there was no ‘random list’ anymore. But overall, petit planner is still, so far, the perfect planner for me :)

  3. 5 out of 5

    i got one for me! this is a planner for an on the go woman! love it!

  4. 2 out of 5

    when will this be available?

  5. 3 out of 5

    When will this be available?

  6. 4 out of 5

    Will this be available again anytime soon?