2018 Everything is Possible


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Product Description

In its 5th year in the market, the 2018 Everything is Possible (EIP) Planner continues to help its users determine their goals and stay headstrong in their focus to accomplish these one step at a time. The idea of the 2018 concept, is to guide users so they’re able to manifest all that they are capable of – make all their possibilities visible.

It is through careful planning and creating significant results that these goals are able to manifest for them and other people to acknowledge.

Therefore, EIP has been rearranged to guide users on careful planning from visualizing and priority setting to acknowledging successes, along with exercises to help them through the course of the year, so they are able to produce significant results.

This year’s edition features 176 full-color pages, a matte laminated hard cover, and an expandable back pocket. In addition to these physical features, the planner comes with monthly dividers that have memorable quotes surrounded by eye-catching geometric shapes, and special pages, such as Vision Board, Timeline of Goals, Priority List, and Positive Reinforcements, that teach users how to simplify their lives. This mindset then propels users to be more mindful of their goals so they can truly envision that everything is possible.


  • Matte laminated hardcover
  • UV lamination
  • 8×8 inches
  • 176 full colored pages
  • 13-monthly calendar from December 2017 to December 2018
  • Vertical weekly layout to prioritize task each day
  • Special pages to manifest your personal, financial, relational, health, career goals.
  • 12-monthly divider with inspiring quotes about goal setting.
  • Pocket at the back to keep receipts and cards
  • Two colored ribbons
  • Blue elastic



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  1. 5 out of 5

    Looks good and neat, and it always helps when I write the things I actually want in life. It’s also nicely designed (both in terms of aesthetic and flow) that it’s really (for the lack of a better term) “exciting” to use.