2018 Focus Journal



Product Description

Focus Journal

The 2018 Focus Journal is still Viviamo! Inc.’s most minimalist-looking planner thus far. It has been designed this way for a purpose: to help users eliminate internal and external noise in order to zero in on what’s important.


This design is complemented by clean, straight-to-the-point 176 pages and monthly dividers that highlight power words. These power words are presented creatively in a playful manner and described succinctly in order to elicit a positive reaction from the journal user. This positive response is important because the Focus Journal encourages meaningful reflections and real-life applications of the power words. There are also special pages, like the Monthly Check-up and Year-End Workbook, that support these reflections and mindfulness further.


The 2018 Focus Journal, at 5.6 x 7.9 inches and a canvass hard cover plus an expandable back pocket, may be minimalist in design, but its message is loud and clear: A well-focused mind can achieve great things.


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