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Enjoy different activities and discover your passions in the BDJ Launch. Purchase a TALK PASS, which includes a planner of your choice (BDJ Smythe, Navi Journal, Everything is Possible or a Focus Journal with Calendar Pad, which you can get to know here ) and an access to the activity center. Each planner included can be customized for free (maximum of 10 letters), except for Focus Journal which will come free with BDJ Calendar Pad.


Inclusive of ONE Talk from our GoalGurus:

Oct 21 (Saturday)

10:30am #PlannerGoals: Bullet Journaling for Day to Day – Belle O Mapa
11:30am #FinanceGoals: Balancing Wants and Needs – Jill Sabitsana
1:30pm #FashionGoals: Distinctively You – Abbie Victorino
2:30pm #FitnessGoals: #FitnessGoals in 2018 – Nikki Torres
3:30pm #MinimalistGoals: Lighten Your Life – Fides Gimenez
4:30pm #TravelGoals: Kickstart your #TravelGoals – Kezia Guerrero
5:30pm #LifeGoals: Dare to Dream – Liz Lanuzo

Oct 22 (Sunday)

10:30am #PlannerGoals: Bujo 101: Beginners Guide – Paula Binsol/Rai Bianca Espeno
11:30am #LifeGoals: Strengths-driven 2018 – Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo / Celine Sugay
1:30pm #HealthGoals: Healthy-Happy You – Nannie Flores
2:30pm #FinanceGoals:Future-Proof your Finances-Cheska Sarausad
3:30pm#MinimalistGoals: Declutter for a happier you – Ayesa Aya 
4:30pm #TravelGoals: Finding Yourself in Travel – Ayen de la Torre/ Rachel Halili
5:30pm #FashionGoals: Fashion for Confidence – Trixie Waasdorp

Get to know more about our #GoalGurus here.

Optional upgrades are also available below at an additional cost:

1. Planner Upgrade +100 (BDJ Leather) /+140 (BDJ Leather Discbound)
2. Talk Upgrade +100 Per Talk
3. Workshop Upgrade +500 Per Workshop
4. Create your own Dreamweaver Activity +300

Each pass is valid for (1) one person.

In case you just want to buy the planner and not attend the BDJ Launch – click here.

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Day 1: 10:30am #PlannerGoals: Bullet Journaling for Day to Day, Day 1: 11:30am #FinanceGoals: Balancing Wants and Needs, Day 1: 1:30pm #FashionGoals: Distinctively You, Day 1: 2:30pm #FitnessGoals: #FitnessGoals in 2018, Day 1: 3:30pm #MinimalistGoals: Lighten Your Life, Day 1: 4:30pm #TravelGoals: Kickstart your #TravelGoals, Day 1: 5:30pm #LifeGoals: Dare to Dream, Day 2: 10:30am #PlannerGoals: Bujo 101: Beginners Guide, Day 2: 11:30am #LifeGoals: Strengths-driven 2018, Day 2: 1:30pm #HealthGoals: Healthy-Happy You, Day 2: 2:30pm #FinanceGoals: Future-Proof your Finances, Day 2: 3:30pm #MinimalistGoals: Declutter for a happier you, Day 2: 4:30pm #TravelGoals: Finding Yourself in Travel, Day 2: 5:30pm #FashionGoals: Fashion for Confidence


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