Customize Your Own BDJ Bundle – Bundle B



Product Description

Customize your own bundle for only PhP 1000! This bundle includes 1 BDJ Planner, 1 any relational product of Quest Journal and  3 pcs of washi tapes. *asterisked products are not customizable.

Step 1: Choose a planner
BDJ Smythe, Navi Journal, Everything is Possible or *Focus Journal with 2 BDJ Stickers

Step 2: Choose any relational product or Quest Journal
Quest Journal, *Switcheroo, *Between You and Me or *Inspired Sketchbook Journal with 2 BDJ Stickers

Step 3: Choose what color or kind of product you prefer.
For example, you choose Quest Journal. Kindly identify what color you would like to have. Then, click not applicable to other product variations available.

Step 4: If you choose to upgrade your bundle, you are free to do so.
Upgrades available are customization, planner upgrades and additional BDJ Sheets for BDJ DiscBound. :)

Step 5: If you’re done selecting your options, click add to cart then you are ready to check out!

Additional Information


BDJ Smythe, Navi Journal, EIP, Focus Journal with 2 BDJ Stickers


Choose any relational products or Quest Journal *

Quest Journal (If Applicable) *




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