Cafe By The Ruins: A Taste of Local Greatness

You would know that you’re near Cafe By The Ruins if you happen to pass by a long queue along Chuntug St. Baguio City. Yes, this artistically and exotically-designed restaurant has stirred the attention of tourists, foodies, and even your normal passersby! At first, I thought that it was all just a hype. Since the […]

The Hideout Cafe: Simple, Classy, and A Cup Full of Values

Coffee has never been this simply good. While other people would go for designer coffee and tea, it’s sometimes fulfilling to love and prefer your simplified, traditional, and basic coffee concoction. This is what I loved about The Hideout Cafe. Coffee at this place need not be complicated to be appreciated. They’re definitely flavorful and […]

Crepeman Maginhawa: Everyone is Welcome!

Crepes are usually identified as desserts. What I love about them is that, in reality, they’re just so versatile! Crepeman Maginhawa takes advantage of this attribute. We’re talking about a simple buckwheat flour infused with so much goodness that if you are as creative as this franchise, you’re up to be loved by tons! They have […]

Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe: Where Everything is Amazingly Macaron

A Macaron is a dessert that you can never get enough of. The way it melts in your mouth into a flavorful revolution on your taste buds is simply worth craving for! Several cafes carry this on their menu, but sadly, none has actually specialized on it. Well, not until we came across Mrs. Graham’s […]

Perks of a Bella: CBTL Ice Blended 2 + 1 Coupon

Hooray for coffee and late night caffeine runs– without it, life would be pretty much dull and customary! That’s the main reason why I love the Belle de Jour Perks of a Bella Vouchers, particularly those intended for The Coffeebean and Tea Leaf purchases. My first voucher-use for the year was the “Buy any 2 Ice […]

Dragon Food Review: Beasties have Pasta & Sugar-Free Cake at Mom & Tina`s Bakery Cafe

We set off on a weekend, usually looking for an interesting place to dine. I am attending an event at Katips, while Jarod just finished his OT and Speech Therapy. Raffy came along for the food as per usual. It was not my first time at Mom and Tina`s Bakery Cafe located at Katipunan.

BDJ Passion Series: Summer Creations by Red Mango

I love Red Mango! I go all out and say this because whenever I find myself at TriNoma, I always navigate toward the nearest Red Mango shop. I always use my Belle de Jour Power Planner coupon for Red Mango first.