#PerksofaBella #EverydayMe – OLAY Deep Moisture Body Wash with Honey

Last Oct 31, I received a call, it was a delivery, I was not home so I asked our neighbor to get it for me. I asked the delivery guy from whom was it and he said it was from Viviamo. I wonder what it is? I just assumed maybe it was a newsletter but […]

I’m one Lucky Bella!

I am a fan of Olay body wash. I love using it in my shower before bedtime. Well, who wouldn’t? It smells really good and makes my skin smooth. So I got really excited after receiving the free sample from BDJ. Though I’m not using moisturizer or any cream on my face (oily face here […]

Olay Moisture outlast

When i used Olay deep moisture with honey body wash my skin feels so different its like i got a new born skin.. it feels so soft and moisturized plus a great smell. I so loved it and will definitely replace my soap with Olay! Thank you ilovebdj for giving this for free.

OLAY: Best Beautiful Experience

I have been using Olay Deep moisture body wash for almost a week now since I received it and it was awesome! I am a sucker for great-smelling products (especially bathing products) and this one is climbing the charts. When I opened the bottle it smelled really good and sweet, I guess that’s the honey […]


OLAY: Best Beautiful Experience

One of the many perks of being a Bella of Belle de Jour Power Planner is to receive gifts (products to test) without spending a single penny. It can be a sample or full size. Really, really. (For more information on how to be a Bella, please click on this link http://www.ilovebdj.com ) And to […]

Belle de Jour Loot: Olay Products = Love

Growing up, I have always been exposed to my mom’s beauty care supplies. We’re talking about facial wash, moisturizer, anti-aging creams, toner, and a whole lot more! Among the hoard, one product stood out. I could clearly remember the logo and what it was then known as: “Oil of OLAY”. The curious kid that I […]

My Best Beautiful With Olay and BDJ

When I received this in the mail a few weeks ago, I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything. I initially guessed it was a purchase from long ago that I’ve forgotten, so just imagine my joy when these Olay products came out of the bag. And in a nice packaging I can reuse, too! […]

I’m one happy Bella with OLAY #TotalEffects

Nothing beats natural beauty! I believe that behind all the beautiful makeup, every woman needs to have a skincare she can trust in everything that her skin needs. I love makeup but at the end of the day, we will all sleep barefaced and it’s great to wake up in the morning looking and feeling fresh and […]


Olay Body Wash and Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream

Some of the women are conscious when it comes to Skin Care Products to use, they make sure to avoid inflammation as the problem, then it is crucial to pick the appropriate product for us. Like with me, I don’t like irritation of the skin, redness throughout my T-zone and also under my eyes. I hate those […]

Best Beautiful Olay product experience

Its been my 2 weeks using Olay Deep Moisture – Body Wash and also 7 in one day cream and I’m loving the result to my skin and my body. I will be first mentioning the Body wash as for its deep moisturizing its true to its promises. Before I use the body wash I […]

Multi-tasking day cream

I have been using the Olay day cream for over two weeks now and I must say, it truly delivers! As promised, it gave me smoother and moisturized skin, lesser visible lines, even skin tone, sun protection, smooth coverage and a non-greasy feel (my pores are still visible though, but it’s ok.) I love that […]