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The Campus BDJ Promo just hit NBS (Katipunan Branch)!

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Be strong and #BDJUnstoppable this August 9!

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In memory of one of our inspirations, Nelson Mandela!


BDJ Passion Series: Here Comes The Bride

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Then CBDJ Promo is extended!

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#BDJ Unstoppable: Embrace the power you have from within

Shared by Sharmeyne Bontigao

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Calamities are unavoidable in a country like ours. Each time a typhoon strikes, thousands of our kababayans are affected — properties are damaged, lives are lost. Help them get back on their feet by donating to the Citizen’s Disaster Response Center. Learn how you can reach out at!

THE CITIZENS’ DISASTER RESPONSE CENTER (CDRC) is a non-government organization that pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. Make sure to stop by their website to get the latest news!

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