Can You Really Get Over Someone By Writing About It? Apparently, You Can

Can You Really Get Over Someone By Writing About It? Apparently, You Can

This is your sign to start a journal to vent out your feelings minus the judgment!


I’ll be lying if I say I’m not familiar with pain. Heck, I feel it every single day. After getting my heart broken, I saw the relationship heading south anyway, so I knew what to expect. Gut-wrenching pain, both emotionally and physically. My mind consumed with thoughts of when everything went wrong.


But what I wasn’t prepared for was loneliness. I’m 26. I know I’m still young, but I can’t quite exactly dump all my emotions on my friends and family, who are dealing with their own issues, can I? I don’t mind crying, but I’m afraid of it when it becomes too difficult to stop.


So, what do I usually do? Conceal, don’t feel. Yup, just like what Elsa sang in Frozen.



Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. It’s not my first rodeo on love and loss. Trying to avoid your emotions only prolongs the anger and grief. It eats you up inside until it becomes unbearable, until it causes you to spiral downward.





According to research, to recover from loss, you need great social support and healthy habits. If you can’t share your pain with your loved ones yet, seek help from a mental health professional who can help you manage your emotions.





I also spent a lot of time outdoors. A change in environment can do you wonders. It made me feel connected to something larger than myself, which was comforting to say the least.




But I think my favorite way to cope was to journal. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. Getting all my thoughts out of my head and onto paper felt so good. Journaling allowed me to feel all my feelings. And seeing everything in front of me, I was able to process my thoughts and emotions better, reflect, and gain a new perspective.


Healing and moving on take time. But in the meantime, I learned to focus more on what we can control, like journaling. It’s such an underrated self-care tool, that when you get into the habit of using it, you’ll never realize how much relief it brings.



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There’s something about getting your heart broken that makes you just want to run away. But even the most painful experiences have to be lived through, and this is where journaling helps. Spend time writing every day, putting pen to paper, and making sense of what you’re feeling. It is only when you understand your pain that you can truly move on.